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Paris Hilton’s Dog Diamond Baby Goes Missing, Big Reward Offered

In the wake of a devastating loss, Paris Hilton is dealing with a difficult time. Her beloved pet puppy Diamond Baby has gone missing, according to the TV personality who announced the news on her Instagram page on Monday.

Following the disappearance of Paris Hilton’s beloved Chihuahua Diamond Baby earlier this week, she has offered a massive reward as a gesture of goodwill to Anyone who can assist her in finding the pet.

She Shared The Shocking News On Instagram On Monday

Taking to her Instagram page, the socialite and heiress shared the devastating news with her 20 million followers on Monday in the hope that they might be able to assist her in tracking down her dog.

The 41-year-old Paris shared a series of photos alongside a description of Diamond Baby on her Instagram Story. She also provided details of the missing dog, who was last seen on Mulholland Drive and Clarendon Road in Beverly Hills five days ago.

There is a breed of Chihuahua known as Diamond Baby. This Chihuahua is a little shy and will go belly up if you attempt to carry her.

The heartbroken Paris wrote as a caption to the lost dog notice: “If you have any tips about Diamond Baby’s whereabouts or feel that you have seen her in the past, please feel free to contact me at finddiamondbaby@gmail.com. There will be a big reward for her return, and NO questions asked. Please email if you know anything, and please keep an eye out for my baby.”

A Photoshoot Kept Her Busy, She Said

According to Paris, she was at a photoshoot when she noticed the door was open, which made the movers helping her move house believe that one of the movers must have left it open to save the Chihuahua from harm. She posted several photos of Diamond Baby to her main Instagram feed, adding that she had been at a photoshoot’ at the time.

To find Diamond Baby, Paris has hired a ‘pet detective, a dog whisperer, a pet psychic’ and is now assessing whether or not it is possible to use ‘dog finding drones’ to help locate her. Diamond Baby has been part of Paris’ life since 2016 when she posted a picture to her Instagram account asking her followers to name the new pet after her.

In an open letter about her devastation following the loss of Diamond Baby, the social media star wrote, “Anyone who has ever loved a pet and lost a pet will understand this pain that I’m feeling – My heart is broken.

Paris Hilton Has A Genuine Love For Animals

There is no doubt that Pari Hilton is an animal lover at heart. It is estimated that she has had more than ten puppies over the years.

Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Diamond Baby, Marilyn Monroe, Harajuku Bitch, Slivington, Princess Paris Jr. and Prince Hilton, The Pom, Prince Baby Bear, Crypto Hilton, and Ether Reum were some of the babies that were included in the collection.

Paris Hilton is currently experiencing a difficult time. It would be nice if she could reach Diamond Baby as soon as possible.

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