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Ozzy Osbourne Discharged From The Hospital One Day After Major Neck And Back Surgery

We have some good news for all Ozzy Osbourne fans out there! The famous singer and songwriter is discharged from a Los Angeles hospital.


He was reportedly admittted due to major neck and back surgery. After going through a tough surgery, Ozzy Osbourne has been released from the hospital. Here’s everything you need to know.

Ozzy Osbourne Seen Leaving Hospital With His Wife

The Black Sabbath artist was seen outside a hospital in Los Angeles while he was being carried in a wheelchair. He was accompanied by his wife Sharon Osbourne who was leading his way towards their black Range Rover.

Ozzy was seen lifting himself up and walking towards the car without anyone’s help. He was strong enough to walk by himself even after having grueling back surgery.

Ozzy has been struggling with ongoing back injuries right from the first biking accident that happened in 2003 which worsened his condition after he fell down in 2019.

Reportedly, Ozzy was badly injured and 15 screws were inserted into his spine to stabilize the injury.

The artist who is known to influence a generation with his metal music, Ozzy was seen leaving the hospital in his classic style.

The “children of the grave” singer wore a black t-shirt and black jeans paired with a blue mask as he exited the hospital. He left with his wife Sharon Osbourne in his car.

What happened to Ozzy Osbourne?

On June 13th, Ozzy Osbourne was admitted to the hospital for a major surgery that was required to align his neck and pins in the back.

On June 10th, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne revealed during a chat show that the upcoming surgery could be the deal for his life of Ozzy. The surgery was said to be the “make or break” situation for the music legend. 

On June 13th, when everyone witnessed the music legend walking out of the hospital after successful surgery, Sharon Osbourne shared the relaxing news with the world on her social media saying that the Osbourne family is extending their gratitude for the overwhelming amount of love and support they have received during Ozzy’s surgery.

She also added that the 73 years old music legend is now on a healthy road to recovery. Ozzy is doing well. 

Ozzy Osbourne’s surgery news came a month after he was seen leaving a music studio using a cane. Fans around the world were devastated to see their favorite pop star in such a state.

The artist revealed that he is having difficulty walking these days and is advised to do morning physical therapy sessions. He also added that he is doing pretty well as anticipated but not so much as he would want himself to.

The frontman of Black Sabbath appreciated his will to live and said he is pretty well for a fu**ing seventy three. He also added that “I am not going anywhere but my time is going to come”. 

As the 73 year old speak for himself, he is not going anywhere not after this grueling surgery that he proved to be just a rock in the street. 

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