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One-Word Tweet Trend: What is it and Some of the Best Ones on Twitter

Twitter is the incubator of trends where multiple new ones emerge every day. One-word Tweet is the latest trend to go viral on Twitter. Brands and people are posting one-word Tweets as they take over the platform. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One-word Tweets are currently flooding Twitter right now as everyone is enjoying this simple but witty trend. Major names like NASA, CNN, the President of the United States, the NBA, the NFL, and countless others have hopped on this interesting train.

Recently, the Litte Miss memes trend took over Twitter as people deliberately shared their insecurities with it. It is still going pretty strong but one-word tweets have overshadowed everything today.

One-Word Tweet Trend on Twitter: What is it?

September has started with a banging Twitter trend where users are sharing tweets with only a single word. Named the “One-word tweet trend,” it asks companies and people to post a Tweet with a single word related to who they are or what they do without any additional context.

This trend is spreading at a very high pace, and hence, also leaving numerous users utterly confused and bamboozled. Others were quick to catch it up and join the fun trend.

For instance, NASA tweeted the word “Universe,” while LEGO posted the word “Bricks” as part of this trend. POTUS’s (President of the United States) Twitter account also became a part of the one-word tweet trend as it wrote “Democracy” in its tweet.

Other popular brands like the NBA, the NFL, WWE, ICC, etc have also joined the trend and posted their one-word tweets today.

How did the One-Word Tweet Trend start on Twitter?

Netizens are enjoying this fun trend while many are also wondering how did it all start. If you are interested in the origins of the one-word Tweet trend, then you may have to take a look at this tweet by American rail service Amtrak.

It simply tweeted the word “Trains” on Thursday, September 1, 2022. The tweet garnered massive attention and has over 163k likes and 21k retweets at the time of writing. Other brands quickly followed them by posting their own one-word tweets.

Some Twitter users are also accrediting CNN for the birth of this trend. Its official Twitter handle posted a Tweet stating “Breaking News” just before 4:30 PM on September 1, 2022.

National Public Radio (NPR) was also among the first brands to hop on this trend as they posted “Radio.”

Best Tweets from the One-Word Tweet Trend Yet

Here are some of the best tweets from the one-word Tweet trend on Twitter. If you’ve been randomly scrolling through the social media app, you may have noticed some of them already.

Sports leagues like the MLB, NBA, and WWE were among the first

to join the trend.

Minecraft didn’t stay behind. It also wrote “Blocks” and became a part of this trend.

Massive popular crime drama Breaking Bad‘s Twitter handle also posted a one-word tweet.

This trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Thanks to its simplicity. More brands and people will likely join it very soon. Stay tuned to always be the first to know about the latest trends, memes, news, and more.

Have you tweeted the one-word tweet yet?

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