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Olivia Rodrigo Talks About Texas School Shooting Incident in Her Live Performance

A heart-wrenching incident took place today in the small town of Uvalde, Texas. As per the reports, 21 people were killed by a skeptical gunman at an elementary school.

A total of 19 students and 2 adults have been killed in a massive shooting just 2 days before the summer break of the school. 

Following the massive shooting, several celebrities are speaking up against the incident and presenting their condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the incident.

One of the recent joiners to speak against the mass killing is Olivia Rodrigo. The youngest Grammy winner is the latest addition to condemning the killings of innocent people at the elementary school in Texas.  

Olivia Rodrigo Commenting on Texas Mass Killing 

Almost everyone who’s heard of the incident is upset and struggling to think about what world they’re living in.

It is certainly affecting celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo who willingly talked about the mass killing on a live stage where the singer is supposed to make a joyful and memorable experience for her fans. 

Rodrigo who was performing live on stage surprised her fans by commenting on the mass shooting that took place in Texas elementary school on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old singer expressed her thoughts saying that learning institutions particularly schools should be a safe space for kids as they build a foundation for our safety.

Olivia said this during her performance at the Greek Theatre. She also added that it breaks her heart to realize that we’re living in this reality.

She ended her comments by saying “we need strict gun laws in America”. The last sentence of Rodrigo’s speech was followed by a cheer as she resumed playing her songs. 

Celebrities speaking on the Mass Killing in Texas Elementary School

Olivia Rodrigo is not the only one speaking for stricter gun laws and making learning institutions a safe space.

Her comments on the Texas elementary school mass shooting come after several celebrities spoke against the incident that tool 21 precious lives. 

Various celebrities and artists have issued their statements about bringing changes in law enforcement after 19 children got killed brutally by a gunman who was killed on the spot by police as confirmed by law enforcement officials. 

Mathew McConaughey who hales from Uvalde, Texas has raised impassion calls pleading for strict gun laws. He shared a statement on his Twitter expressing his grief. 

Salena Gomez, another Texas native has shared heart wrenching message on her Twitter.

She wrote about how in her hometown, 18 innocent kids were killed while they were just trying to get an education. She also commented about one teacher who got killed among 21 people. 

The popular American Basketball coach shared in a live conference saying, “I’m tired. I am so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I am so tired of the — excuse me, I am sorry — I am tired of the moments of silence.”

Taking the anger ahead, Taylor Swift shared her thoughts on Twitter saying that conditions have become unfathomable and it breaks our hearts.

She quotes Steve Kerr’s comment saying they are so true and cuts deep into her heart.  

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