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Oliver Tree Beats a Fan Who Came Onto the Stage During Concert

Oliver Tree, an American singer, record producer, and comedian has been trending on the internet after he kicked the shit out of a fan who went up to the stage and was getting too close to the singer.

The singer was performing at the New York City’s Neglected Runes NFT conference when this incident took place over the weekend. A person from the audience came on the stage and was trying to experiment to put a hat on Oliver’s head.

In a video that is making rounds on the internet, it is evident that Oliver slammed the enthusiast to the ground and started throwing punches at him. After he finished striking repeatedly with his fists, Oliver is heard telling the crowd, “Get the f*** out of here..Get this f****** prick outta here!!!.”

The fan was escorted out of the Concert

The audience who were present at the event confirmed that the issue was not raised with the police as the enthusiast was escorted out of the concert. He was also advised, “Do not go on stage, otherwise you will be beaten by Oliver Tree.”

YouTuber and social media personality, Logan Paul was also present at the event but there was no official comment from him.

Watch the video below shared by TMZ:

Oliver Tree’s recent album “Cowboy Tears”

The 28-year-old singer transformed himself completely into a country star on his sophomore album, “Cowboy Tears” which was released this year in Feb.

Oliver released a single, “I Hate You” along with “Cowboys Don’t Cry” in May 2022. He also made the announcement about his tour to accompany the album Cowboy Tears.

A few days ago, Oliver Tree took to social media and tweeted about his upcoming performance, “COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED TO BRING MY FIRST FESTIVAL TO SAN DIEGO ON AUGUST 4TH WITH SMASH MOUTH, SUECO, JAWNY, HUDDY, LITTLE RICKY ZR3 & MORE! FIRE FEST ON SALE NOW”.

Pandemic played a critical role in his change of direction as he spent six months at his grandparents’ ranch in Northern California during the lockdown. There was no intention to write a new record, however, got inspired to do so.

In an interview with Variety, Oliver said,  “My grandfather was a cowboy, his grandfather was a cowboy. It’s just something that’s part of my lineage. I never would have guessed that I’d make a country album, and I think my fans feel the same way.”

Tree released his debut studio album titled “Ugly Is Beautiful” two years back in 2020. He gained further prominence with his song “Life Goes On” in 2021.

Who is Oliver Tree?

Oliver Tree Nickell was born in the year 1993 in Santa Cruz, California. He started learning piano when he was just three years old. A year later he began songwriting and by the time he was 6, he wrote an album.

Oliver developed an interest in hip hop and electronic music when he was in high school. He went on to become a DJ and recorded with the rap group Mindfuck.

Oliver enrolled for higher studies at San Francisco State University in Business for two years and also studied music Technology at the California Institute of the Arts.

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