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Nurse Erika Diaz Responds To Critics Who Say Her Figure-Hugging Scrubs Are Inappropriate

An act of self-defence has been delivered by a nurse, who clapped back at critics who branded her scrubs’ inappropriate’ because of the way they fit her body, insisting that the actual problem lies with her curves and not her scrubs.

A video featuring Erika Diaz, 22, with a blue top tucked into matching pants, went viral on TikTok after she shared a video of herself modelling her hospital uniform, a blue top tucked into matching pants, claiming she was asked why she wore her scrubs that way.

Some People Have A Problem With My Body, She Said

A screenshot of the scrubs is then shown in the clip, indicating that they were designed to be tucked in and look as if they were used in online advertising. There is only one difference between the two, and that is the physical proportions of Erika.

She wrote in the caption that some people just don’t care as much about my scrubs as they do about my body, and it shows in their comments.

There have been over 12.7 million views of the video, and Erika has continued to defend herself in the video’s comments section. ‘Just for clarification, I am 5’2″ and 107 lbs. I’m short and little,’ she said, explaining. ‘Y’all can say my body is fake all y’all want, it’s not. Ask my back problems.’

‘I literally work 2 jobs, volunteer, and I am still studying,’ her statement added. ‘I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others, and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant.’

Viewers Are Debating Erika’s Uniform

Viewers have been divided over Erika’s uniform, with some feeling that her scrubs were too tight, which prompted a debate among them. ‘It’s just not professional,’ as one individual wrote. In the meantime, another person commented, ‘You simply can buy a bigger size to give you space for breath.’

‘I’m an old school director. I’d never allow that on my floor, I don’t want to see nails [perfume] or style, keep that at home where it belongs,’ a person else also suggested. ‘I’m literally not wearing makeup, have my nails done, or my hair for that fact,’ was the reply that Erika gave back. ‘It’s literally just scrubs tucked in, so I don’t get stuck.’

Others, on the other hand, stood confident that there was nothing ‘inappropriate’ about her scrubs and urged critics not to tell her to buy a larger size, saying she didn’t need their advice. ‘Anyone saying “buy a bigger size” it doesn’t [really] work like that,’ one TikTok user noted. ‘Sometimes a bigger size will be too big on the arms or too long.’

“She can’t help it that she’s snatched, let a fine woman live,” said one of the users. “Can’t change what you have, doesn’t make it inappropriate,” was added in by another. “Y’all wouldn’t have a problem with it if she had A cups,” agreed one of the viewers.

“I ain’t remember the last time I cared what a NURSE looks like when they’re helping me … regardless of if you’re a patient or an employee,” responded someone else.

She Shows Off Her Hourglass Figure On Tiktok

It would seem that Erika isn’t afraid to show off her hourglass figure on TikTok, where she shares videos of herself modelling bikinis and workout gear along with her hourglass figure. In a month’s time, she has shared a new clip of herself striking a pose in her infamous scrubs, one month after she went viral.

‘How I feel walking into work after some of my coworkers found my TikTok account LOL,’ a comment that appeared on the screen below the image. ‘They don’t care, though,’ she added in the caption. ‘I will be telling them my whole life story, too, haha.’

I believe that no matter the situation, we should not make anyone feel wrong about how their body looks. Despite that, the points she hit back had some logic to them. What are your thoughts on the statements she has made against the critics? You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.



  1. What’s the problem here. This little nurse has paid her dues. And she delivers the quality health care to her patients. So what that she is beautiful. This little nurse has had to endure negative comments. As long as she’s upholding quality health care standards and helping exceed organizational standards therfore she as done her job in a great way. Also if you really think about it, this girls beautiful cheeriness beautiful smile helps her patients happy and helps promote healing. I know because I suffer from stage 2 cancer. Just because people may not like her gorgeous looks, happiness and smile doesn’t mean you jealous people have any right to condem persecute and make snide comments about her. If you really want to know the truth her beauty is extremely beneficial to positivity, happiness and serenity. Continue your good work. God has blessed you and wants you to do. God Bless You

      • I’m a retired male RN of 33 years. I love sexy nurses. I even married one and it didn’t last but …..you know….Now this young health care professional may have some old man patient try to grab her boobs or pat her butt, which is not ok, but I’m sure she can deal w that. She’ll just give that patient to some male nurse like I was. Just because you’re old and sick doesn’t mean your sex drive goes away. ROCK ON MISS….

  2. Oh please that is obviously not the correct size of that uniform, just like alot of these women out here wearing super tight clothes, desperate for attention , superficial and shallow. Only difference with you is…..you don’t actually look attractive in the tight clothes…..

  3. I agree. She looks very uncomfortable. I spent years wearing scrubs and they are cut loosely for a reason. It really seems inappropriate for her to wear them like that.

  4. In Southeast Florida, a very transit part of our country, most of us think we have seen it all.
    Well, I can honestly say that in 20+ Yrs of operating a High Volume Clinical Practice
    I don’t remember seeing any of my Assistants wearing that “Brand of Scrubs ” 😵

    Would like more information on the

  5. I think she looks beautiful and i would love her too be my nurse. I think there are a lot of jealous women out there.

  6. The fact that this nurse felt it necessary to post her uniform and calling attention to her body for debate online tells me a lot about her personality. It is total contradiction to me for women to be waving their flag saying” I am a professional take me serious” when they continuely want to amlplify their figure or image of sexuality of themselves for ratings. I think if a male nurse did this there be whole lot different comments not to mention the supporters out there. Sorry I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a nurse that dressed like that plus it be hard to take her serious and confident that my care in hospital or my love one care would be a priority for her.

  7. It is amazing to me that so many people are determining their level of care just from what she’s wearing. You could have a nurse wearing what you expect a nurse to wear and get crappy care, just like you can have a nurse be trendy and receive above average care. Your level of care is not determined by what they look like. If you want to judge her for the uniform, that’s fine but the people assuming that her way of dressing determines how well she does her job is asinine! As a nurse myself, I don’t see the issue with her uniform. Yes it’s tighter that what we are accustomed to seeing but she still has a high neckline and she’s no additional “skin”.

  8. It’s my birthday today and I just stumbled upon this story and I have to say if she doesn’t care then nobody else should I definitely think that if she was my nurse I’d feel better with her however she dressed because she is beautiful and she knows it due to the fact that she brought proof that they are meant to be worn like that should be the end of this descusion if she was in bigger clothes I agree with her about keeping from getting stuck or caught on something and possibly hurting herself.

  9. Listen, I never take part in all this social media b.s., but here I feel a need to respond because I am myself in the medical field. People criticizing this woman are making two mistakes in critical thinking. I think her picture of showing how the brand advertised the scrubs being warn tucked is sufficient to justify her doing this, so I won’t go into it. Problem 1 are the people who ask her to “just buy a bigger size” now I wasn’t a nurse, but I was a paramedic. I am male, and had relatively unusual proportions. 1.78 meters, 87 kilos, 8-10 percent body fat. For those who aren’t familiar with what those measurements look like, it’s a guy of about average height but very heavily muscled and lean. I’m not talking pro bodybuilder big, not at all, but the majority of my friends who weren’t in the medical profession (and a few that were) just assumed I was on steroids. I wasn’t. The fact that people bugged me about this (mainly asking me where I got them and then giving me a bad look when I said I hadn’t) I had to go get a series of lab tests which I scanned and uploaded to my phone, including the dates of testing, just to get people to leave me be. Secondly, finding a uniform that fit was an absolute pain in the ass. A lot of people told me I had to get a bigger one because I was at risk of popping buttons if I accidentally moved my pecs. Here’s the trouble. Where I was working, the top of the uniform HAD to be tucked in. And a top big enough to comfortably fit over my arms and chest would have tons of excess fabric, which I’d basically have to scrunch up and shove into my pants. So, imagine this. You’re on the ground having a heart attack. A medic rushes in, then kneels down to get access to you. “I’m saved!” You think. Except, before he can help you the medic falls over in agony because the extra meter of random cloth shoved into his pants just smushed his nuts. This woman has, to put it mildly, very generous proportions in the chest region. However, the rest of her is absolutely tiny. Who knows how a bigger sized set would fit on the rest of her? Suppose you’re a patient in surgery, hooked up to IV’s and an intubation tube and let’s not forget all the monitoring gear. That’s a lot of wires. Would you want the assisting nurse to have sleeves that were so oversized they flapped about and yanked out something really important that was keeping you from dying? Also, the whole tucked/untucked thing begins to loose relevance here as well. Suppose she gets something that fits those ti… Sorry, correction, mammary glands and doesn’t tuck it in, then gets an emergency call and breaks her neck rushing to the patient because the scrubs were so oversized that they tangled around her knees and she tripped. Furthermore, if you’ve ever been with a woman with such upper body anatomy you know that A. Those things are heavy B. They tend to jiggle. So, to facilitate movement she’d have to wear a pretty solid bra to keep them in place. At that point, even if you threw a sheet over her, you’re still gonna notice what she’s packing because of basic things like gravity. Now, I don’t know the proportions of nurses scrubs or what varieties are available; I’m just working off my own experience and a bit of logic. The assumptions people are making about her seem to be based on an even lesser knowledge of the situation or experience involved, but are still expressed with the fervent certainty so often seen in those who don’t know a damn thing. How about questioning your assumptions a bit, people? Where are all my critical thinkers at? Point 2. Many people are arguing that the fact that she poses on social media makes her vain and unprofessional. This is just stupid. What would make her unprofessional would be things like posting private patient information, or for example expressing unprofessional behaviour in the workplace, such as saying that she dislikes her patients or treats them in a negligent fashion. Haven’t seen any evidence of that. As to those who assume that she poses these pictures in order to get a following and profit from it, my response is this: so what if she does? Nurses work damn hard to… Oh, yeah, save your damn life. Years of education, long and physically demanding hours, extreme emotional stress and pressure. They aren’t paid nearly enough. So, if she uses her natural gifts to make some more money and make her life a bit more comfortable, good for her. Nobody would be complaining if she had a beautiful singing voice and posted cover videos on YouTube and made some spare money that way, but because she is, and I say this with the utmost of respect, absolutely bangin’ as all hell, people have a problem. Furthermore, what’s up with this assumption that attractive people are somehow more likely to be stupid or less capable. Do people really think that the body has some sort of finite pool of cells that has to be somehow split between the boobs and the brain, and adding to one means taking from the other? There is a YouTube channel run by a young family medicine doctor who goes by Dr. Mike, and let’s just say he isn’t at all lacking in the looks department in the looks department. He explains how this negatively effects how some people view him, and in the comments section of his videos many intelligent people bring up a good point: why is he referred to as “that hot doctor” instead of “that doctor who educates millions of people in a very accessible fashion on how to improve their health and longevity through scientific practices?” Now I’m not one of those people who says that good looking people have it bad, not by any means, but the fact is that they do experience certain biases that are undeserved. Even though we’ve all had experiences of attractive people who are real jerks, this is a correlation, not a causation. Yes, society treats attractive people differently and in certain cases this creates a feedback loop of negative character traits. However, this is far from always the case. Being attractive is a positive indicator of nothing other than being attractive. Everything else is assumed societal baggage. Furthermore, I’ve met plenty of very unattractive people who were selfish vain jerks too. I may be wrong, but the information I’ve been exposed to about this situation leads me to believe that most of the people who are criticizing her are doing so from a place of jealousy that they don’t look like her, jealousy that they can’t sleep with her, or just good old fashioned misogyny. It may not even be conscious on their part, but rather the result of the internalization of certain cultural assumptions and stereotypes that don’t necessarily reflect reality. By the way the previous sentence was an expression of what I mean by critical thinking and restraint in coming to conclusions. I qualified my terms, and considered potential other options for why her critics were saying the things they were, when what I really wanted was to go with my gut and assume consciously intended malice on their part and basically tell all these people to go fu… Well actually I’d be fine if they’d just go. So, to sum up, if I met this young lady in a bar someplace you’re damn right I’d buy her a drink, and the fact that she got a nursing degree would lead me to guess that she’d probably be pretty interesting to talk to. And if I met her at a hospital, believe you me that there would be about a million other factors that would affect my judgement of her professionalism and capability that’d I’d be thinking about other than the size of her rack. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be thinking about it, just not in relation to her quality as a nurse.

  10. Back in the day I remember watching movies wear the nurses wore dresses and nurse hats. My grandma dressed that same way when she was nursing. So the problem?


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