It doesn’t matter how old I am or how long it’s been since I’ve finally been able to go home, plop my feet up, and chill at my parent’s place. The second I step into my childhood home I am no longer me. I am simply the chai maker. Let’s just say I’m their ride-or-chai chick. And let’s also say I don’t want to be that anymore, I want out!

It’s as if Chime heard my cries and created a product that you better believe I’ll be gifting my parents. Let me make this clear: this is not a paid endorsement by me for Chime. I haven’t even used this magical device yet. What is it? A first of its kind automatic chai maker!

Image courtesy Chime’s Facebook page

That’s right, Chime is the first automatic chai brewer. It was created by Camellia Labs and debuted in 2016. The machine uses smart technology to brew servings of chai tea according to your preferences. The machine has a water reservoir, and there are five different recyclable cups of spices from which you can choose.

You are then able to digitally select the milk ratio and frothiness that you prefer. Then, you simply pour your milk into the carafe and click to brew. The tea brews while the milk heats and then blends together to create your perfect cup of chai.

Could this be my new real life? Will I no longer have to make chai for my kabazillion elders and then have to clean a sink full of tea leaves and dirty pots from brewing it? Could it really be as simple as removing the pod from the machine and then placing the leaves in compost and the pod in the recycling bin?

Sure, there are instant chai available, but that’s sacrilege in our house, as in many desi homes. They simply don’t taste the same. For chai connoisseurs, better known as Aunties, there is simply no replacement for freshly brewed authentic chai. The Chime chai brewer allows you to brew fresh, authentic chai in a short three minutes without the mess and stress.

An “ad” for how my parents see me

It is no wonder that Chime has been extremely popular. The fact that it is the only chai brewing machine available in the world begs the question of why it wasn’t created before. Camellia Labs quickly sold all of its reserve brewing machines when they were first released. The machines can be pre-ordered on the company’s website, and there are three different models available. The home version costs $199 through the website and comes with the brewer, one stainless steel sleeve, the carafe and a Chime caps pack. The home plus version costs $249 and comes with two sieves and two milk carafes. There is also an office version available for $299. It comes with three sleeves and three milk carafes and is capable of multiple uses throughout the day.

So the real question is if I were to buy this for my parents, would they use it or would it be money (and chai) down the drain? Can this machine really replace the age-old tradition of humans concocting chai for others and themselves?

I’m looking to you for answers, Fam. Have you used this product? Would you like to write a review for it? If so, hit us up at with “Ride and chai” in the subject.


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