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Nicole Peltz-Beckham Posts Cryptic Message After Alleged Feud With Victoria Beckham

Nicola Peltz got married to Victoria Beckham and David Beckham’s oldest son Brooklyn recently. Peltz is 27 years old whereas Brooklyn Beckham is 23. Fans and news outlets believe that not all is well in the world of the newlyweds.

Feud With Mother-In-Law Victoria Beckham

A source close to the family said that Victoria and Nicola cannot “stand each other and don’t talk”. This has been going on for a while and apparently “the build-up to the wedding was horrendous”.

It is believed that Nicola, the actress daughter of the New York billionaire Nelson Peltz, did not want her mother-in-law Victoria “to be any part of the planning”. It is said that the communication between the two of them was minimal and that she “wouldn’t cue Victoria in on anything”.

The drama is coming the between Beckham’s relationship. “They haven’t spoken to him much in the last few months,” said the source. Things got even worse when Brooklyn Beckham shared the British cover of the magazine Tatler that labeled Peltz as the “New Mrs. Beckham.”

All seemed to be well back when the couple first official with their relationship. Victoria Beckham had also given Nicola one of her designs to wear for her proposal pictures. She had also gone on to wish the happy couple “so much love and a lifetime of happiness”.

Nicola Peltz Cryptic Message

All the back and forth and alleged jealousy and trouble was just hearsay until Nicola Peltz shared a cryptic message on Instagram along with two pictures. In the first picture, she lay in bed with a red and teary face whereas the second picture was more of a close-up of her swollen eyes.

She started the message by saying that she struggled to come forth with her feelings. The caption of the picture read “Sometimes I find it hard to show the sad bits of me. Growing up with seven siblings and two very strong parents, made me really tough, they hammered it into me to not let people bring me down or hurt my heart.”

She went on to say that she had put walls up to protect herself and that “We all have days where people make you feel bad and it’s okay to be hurt by it.” However, she did not go into any detail about what bothered her.

However, she did mention that “I just thought I would write something because I never show this side of me here. I wanted to show this side of me.”

Nicola concluded the post by giving thanks to her supporters. She wrote, “I love you all so much and truly appreciate all of your support. It means so much when you guys are kind on my page I want you to know i see you, I hear you, and it means a lot to me 💘”.

Fans and well-wishers offered their support in the comment section.

Although fans are running wild with speculation that the post was about her strained relations with her mother-in-law, there is no way to confirm or deny this. The post got over 126,000 likes and over 1000 comments when her usual posts got less engagement than that.


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