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NBA YoungBoy Tells Youtubers to Stop Using His Music in Videos

NBA YoungBoy is not a fan of YouTubers using his music in their videos. Addressing this concern, YoungBoy expressed how he wants the YouTubers to stop using his music for their content.

YoungBoy on Instagram

Through his Label account, Never Broke Again, YoungBoy told the YouTubers to “get a job” alongside asking his label to prohibit other users from playing his music on their respective channels on YouTube.

“Atlantic ban my music from all YouTubers – get a real job,” he wrote. “Ha ha ha ion like you neither wait on my funeral.”

YoungBoy’s Feud with Atlantic Records Amidst his Instagram Post

Shortly after making this claim, NBA YoungBoy expressed that Atlantic Records thought the post was concerning them and how he thinks that the label is just looking for reasons to sue him once his contract ends.

“Everything y’all post, Atlantic try to make it seem like I’m talking about them so they can try to sue me once the time’s up,” he said in a voice note posted on Akademiks’ Instagram. “Man, tell them people suck my dick. Leave me alone, bitch. Ain’t nobody talking about y’all. I hate y’all bitches. I hate y’all more than y’all hate me. Leave me alone.”

This is not the first time the rapper has expressed his resentment toward his record label. Back in February the Baton Rouge rapper said how he was being “blackballed.”

He captioned his post “Why blackball me, I’m the good guy!!??” Back in February, YoungBoy accused Atlantic records of stopping his Colors Mixtape from going No. on the Billboard 200 chart, while also expressing how they did not want to sign with him.

“I was going #1 two weeks straight with a mixtape so they took it down off the charts. I don’t give a fuck you still can’t stop me don’t sign to Atlantic if you an artist they not gone support you especially if you live a certain way.”

How People Reacted to his Instagram Post

This is how one of them took to Twitter and expressed how YoungBoy does not want YouTubers to make money by using his music hence asking them to ban the use of his music.

Here is another reaction to his IG story-

As we know in this era of content spilling all over the internet ranging from Instagram to YouTube, putting a stop to reaction videos and trolls is not possible. As we know haters gonna hate. But let’s see how YoungBoy is planning to safeguard himself from such trolls.

Here is one of the reaction videos for his songs, which was posted on Youtube.

While YoungBoy expresses his dissent with his record label and reactions videos, he is set to release his new album named “The Last Slimeto” which is decided to be out on August 5. The album will be released via Never Broke Again and Atlantic Records.

On 11th April, YoungBoy came out with 11 songs from this 30 track album and the fans are fore sure excited for the new album to be released.

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