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Nayte Olukoya Addresses the Cheating Rumors After Michelle Young Split

Nayte Olukoya has finally broken his silence on the cheating rumors after he and Michelle Young called it quits. Continue reading further to find out the main reason behind Nayte and the former Bachelorette Michelle’s breakup.

Nayte Olukoya has denied the cheating rumors

Not long ago, Nayte took to his Instagram Stories to set the record straight and clear the air about the cheating rumors for once and all. He stated that infidelity was not the reason behind his and Young’s split.

Over the weekend, the 27-year-old issued a lengthy statement on the social media platform Instagram that consisted of a total of 15 points. He started by saying, “No, I didn’t cheat. Not every breakup needs to have someone to blame.”

“Yes, many of you seem to paint me as a red flag/f–k boy. Maybe it’s the piercings and tattoos? Who knows. But I’m actually a decent guy, and I only want to continue getting better. As we should all want for ourselves,” read bullet point No. 3 in his two-part post addressing the breakup.

In point No. 13 Nayte talked about his name and continued, “My name is Babatunde Olufemi Robert Nathaneil Olukoya, and I will never live my life based on how others think I should live it. Period.”

The Bachelorette contestant concluded by saying, “For the kind people, sending kind things, and respecting both Michelle and I. THANK YOU.”  The last point of his communique consisted of two victory hand emojis which stand for peace.

Michelle and Nayte announced their breakup on social media

Yes, you heard it right. Earlier this month, the former couple revealed that they had decided to go their separate ways after less than one year together on the social networking service Instagram.

At that time, Michelle put out a statement that read, “I will always acknowledge and appreciate the adventures, support, and growth both Nayte and this experience have brought me.”

Young further added, “At the same time, I’m deeply hurting and will need time and space to work through this heartbreak.”

On the other hand, Nayte also expressed his thoughts on the pair’s split and he said, “Michelle and I are going to move forward separately. Hearts are heavy, emotions are high, and we are dealing with this the best way we can.”

The Canadian native went on to say, “Michelle and I are naturally private people, and when it comes to this breakup, we will continue being so.”

When did Nayte propose to Michelle?

For those of you who are unaware, let us tell you that Nayte popped the big question to Young during the December 2021 finale of The Bachelorette. They announced their split on June 17.

After the duo’s breakup, Nayte also changed his Instagram bio and he removed “THE Michelle Young Fan Account” from his profile which he added previously after the televised proposal.

Maybe Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young were meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to stay together forever. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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