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Natalie Morales Leaving NBC News; Expected to Join CBS Show ‘The Talk’

Natalie Morales revealed that she is leaving NBC News! The American journalist who has been hooked to the show for around 22 years said that she is set to leave the show to go on with a new adventure in her life.

Natalie Morales is said to be joining the CBS show “The Talk”. The 49-year old journalist made the announcement of her leaving NBC News by sharing an email with the NBC team on Friday, October 1.

She revealed in the email that she would be making her exit from NBC News to go ahead with an exciting new opportunity. Morales will be leaving NBC News after working for more than two decades.

Natalie Morales Leaving NBC News to reportedly Join CBS Show ‘The Talk’

The Today anchor wrote in her email to her colleagues, “How do you begin to say thank you for 22 amazing years? I struggle to find the right words and there are way too many people I need to thank for a wonderful career at NBC News.”

She continued her email by sharing about her early days. She wrote, “I think back to my early days cutting my teeth at [NBC-owned local network] WVIT in Hartford, CT then taking the huge — and at the time — petrifying leap to MSNBC and alas — scoring the golden tickets to the ‘Today Show’ and ‘Dateline.’ Never in a million years did I imagine this when I dreamed of what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

The ‘Dateline’ anchor also revealed that the first half of her life has been adventurous and challenging.

She wrote that it “has been one full of adventure, challenges, travel, way too many early wake-up calls and yes, opportunities to witness history unfold and to tell inspiring and impactful stories that will always be in my mind’s highlight reel.”

The eldest son of the anchor, Josh is set to enter his college life and as such, she shared that it is the right time for her to go on with a new adventure in her life.

She shared, “the time is right (before the second half of my life) to spread my own wings and to pursue a new adventure.”

The Today Show West Coast anchor concluded her email by thanking her Dateline and Today show families. She said that she would cherish the support and friendships she received at NBC News.

She concluded her email as: “To my Dateline and Today show families, it’s very hard to say goodbye … and we all know in this business it’s never goodbye but see you later. I’m eternally grateful for the support and deep friendships that will remain no matter where our paths lead. I have so much to be thankful for and for every one of you who helped me get here … muchísimas gracias mis amigos.”

Morales joined MSNBC in the year 2002 and Today in the year 2006. In 2020, she happened to become an official correspondent for Dateline. It is expected that she would be given a farewell on “Today” in the coming weeks.

However, there have been no official comments over the matter from NBC News. Morales is expected to join the CBS mid-afternoon panel program – “The Talk.” Even CBS declined to comment on the same.

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