Mindy Kaling recently revealed her that her new favorite hobby is cooking homemade baby food for her newborn daughter Katherine.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my weekend is doing meal prep for my daughter because she’s now eating foods,” Kaling said in an Instagram video. “I never did this for myself before I had a kid.”

She went on to explain that she particularly enjoyed preparing dishes like mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and poached salmon. Kaling added that one of the things she’s learned how to do since becoming a parent is how to plan out meals for the week, something she had never done before. “I know that there are so many good prepared organic baby foods out there you can buy, but because I work, I like making them on the weekends …” she wrote. “It makes me feel like a part of my daughter’s life.”

Baby Katherine Swati is also being treated to one of the best things to come out of South Asia: mangoes. Mindy also revealed that proud grandfather Avu Chokalingam has been purchasing mangoes from the local Indian store just so Mindy can puree them into baby food.

But Kaling and her father are also expanding their cooking repertoires when it comes to food for grownups as well. She recently shared a photo of her copy of the cookbook “Indian Kitchen” by Maunika Gowardhan, which they have regularly been cooking from.

“We made bharli wangi, or stuffed mini eggplant curry with tamarind, coconut and cashews. It came out so good!” she exclaimed.

Ready to try out some recipes yourself? Here are our suggestions for summertime desserts with mangoes and a piece on chana masala tacos.


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