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Mind-blowing Transformation of Lara Dutta as Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi In ‘Bell Bottom’

Well, after the trailer launch of the film ‘Bell Bottom‘ starring Akshay Kumar yesterday, what is catching everyone’s eye is the unbelievable look of Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India.

Firstly, have a look at the actress as former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi in ‘Bell Bottom’

What! Can’t believe your eyes that she is the one who was crowned as Miss Universe in 2000?

Well, we too were bewildered to see her transformation in the trailer. She just nailed it. And you simply cannot deny it. Right!

Unbelievable! Lara Dutta as former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi In ‘Bell Bottom’

Lara Dutta is portraying a key role in the film as Indira Gandhi. You can have a glimpse of her character in the trailer of ‘Bell Bottom’. And after seeing her in the trailer, she has been breaking the Internet with all praises from her fans and friends.

Fans simply can’t stop lauding the actress for her look in the film.

The actress asked the media during the trailer launch of Bell Bottom if they can guess her role in the movie. Lara said, “If anyone can guess, then I will take all their family members free to the theatres.”

She further added, “Okay, so you did see me in the trailer. I’m playing Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the film. That’s me. All it took was a call and they said that Lara this film is being made and we are casting for Indira Gandhi’s role. That is all it took before I even heard the script. But yes, of course, there is a great responsibility when you’re portraying somebody who is an iconic figure like her.”

Director Kunal Kohli also shared on his Twitter account that he loved the trailer and lauded Lara Dutta, especially for her look.

Even Akshay Kumar responded to Kunal Kohli’s tweet and agreed that Lara Dutta’s transformation is ‘mind-blowing’.

The trailer of the film ‘Bell Bottom’ has been released on August 3. The film features Akshay Kumar and Vaani Kapoor in lead roles. Also seen in the film are Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi in lead roles. The film is directed by Ranjit M Tewari.

Here is a tweet from actor Riteish Deshmukh:

The film is based on the true events that took place in India as multiple airplane hijacks happened in the country. One such hijack happened in 1984 and Akshay Kumar will be on a mission to save the people of the country.

If you haven’t watched the trailer of Bell Bottom yet, here it is. Have a look!

This spy thriller film is geared up to go with a theatrical release on August 19. The film will also be released in 3D format.

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