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Meet Andrew Symonds’ Wife and Kids as the Former Australian Cricketer Dies in a Car Crash

The cricketing fraternity across the globe is in a state of shock after the untimely death of former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds on 14th May in a car accident. He is the third Australian cricketer after Rod Marsh and Shane Warne who passed away in 2022.

46-Year-old Symonds is survived by his spouse Laura and children Billy and Chloe.

Laura who has been completely heartbroken told the Courier-Mail, “We are still in shock – I’m just thinking of the two kids. He was such a big person and there is just so much of him in his kids. He was never good with his phone but he always had time for everyone. He was the most laid-back person. Nothing stressed him out. He was an extremely chilled operator. So practical.”

After hearing about this devastating news, Laura along with the children flew from Sydney to Townsville immediately.

Let us try to get more details about Andrew Symonds’ wife and kids in our article below!

Everything about Andrew Symonds’ Wife and Kids

Symonds married Laura in 2012 almost a year after the birth of their child Billy. Symonds’ second child, Chloe was born in 2013.

Early Life

Andrew Symonds was born in the year 1975 in Birmingham, England. His biological parents were of Afro-Caribbean and European descent. He was later adopted by an English couple. His parents Barbara and Ken relocated to Australia when he was just 18 months old.

“I’m an adopted child, right, so I don’t actually know my natural parents. I’ve never met them. But when I was six weeks old, my mother and father went to the clinic and they applied to adopt a child. And so the way that things worked back in those days was, they got to take me home for a week and just trial me. A test drive.”, Symonds told The Brett Lee Podcast about his adoption recently.

He studied at All Saints Anglican School and completed his graduation from Ballarat Clarendon College.

First Marriage

Andrew first married his childhood sweetheart Brooke Marshall in 2004 at St John’s Anglican cathedral in Brisbane. However, their marriage did not last long and the couple filed for divorce a year later.

Ms. Marshall said during her nuptials, “He’s N.o 1 and he makes me feel that way too. He might have a rough exterior but he’s a softie inside and knows how to look after his girl.”

Second Marriage

He met Laura while she was pursuing her Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Symonds struck up a friendship with her and in 2009, on the occasion of Melbourne Cup Day, he asked Laura if she had a tip. When the horse won, Symond urged her to visit his home in Brisbane for dinner to celebrate.

Laura recalled this event in her 2016 interview with the Courier-Mail saying, “He’d caught these crabs and fish and laid the table with all this beautiful seafood, and I didn’t eat seafood at the time. I thought, oh no, how am I going to get through this?”.

Symond opted for retirement when Laura was pregnant for the second time and was set to deliver the baby during the sixth IPL season.

Aussie cricketer played all three formats viz. Test, ODI, and T20 (14 matches) in his professional career spanning more than one decade. He played 26 Test matches and 198 one-day internationals representing team Australia from 1998 to 2009.

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