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Meet Anastasiia Lenna: Former Miss Ukraine Joins Armed Forces to Defend Ukraine in War

The war between Russia and Ukraine has changed the life of the Ukrainian people drastically forever. Several pictures of Ukraine’s catastrophe have gone viral showing the chaos created on the order of Putin.

Ever since Russian troops forcefully tried to enter Ukraine border under Russian President Vladimir Putin, several people have lost their lives including armed forces as well as civilians. Ukraine’s government had imposed new rules on the people amidst the devastation led by Russia. Male residents between 18-60 are ordered to not leave the country until the war settles down.

Amid this dispute, a woman, Anastasiia Lenna, has come forward to show her support and dedication for her country by joining hands with the Ukrainian military. This woman has gained praise from people around the world for her boldness.

What’s so special about this woman? Why is Anastasiia Lenna garnering so much attention from the world? Here’s the reason, continue to read further.

Who is Anastasiia Lenna?

Anastasiia Lena is the former Miss Ukraine. After Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has himself joined the Ukrainian armed force in this chaos, many Ukrainian stars are inspired by his actions including our Miss Ukraine 2015.

Anastasiia Lenna has reportedly joined the military to protect her country from Russian invasion. She becomes a trending topic on social media platforms like Twitter. Users are applauding her for her brave decision.

Lena is also an Instagram model and social media influencer with 165K followers on Instagram. Apart from the combat zone, she is actively using her platform to raise social awareness and the condition of Ukraine to other nationalities.

In her post, she has also shared multiple resources to help the Ukrainian people and has asked her followers from nationality to join them to fight against Russian troops.

Her Education

Lenna is a marketing and management graduate from Slavistik University in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has worked in Turkey – Bodrum, Ankara, and Istanbul. She can speak five languages and has worked as a translator previously. And now serving in the military to protect her homeland.

There are around 36000 women presently serving in the Ukrainian military against Russia and among them, many have lost their life too. Just like them, Lena has decided to head for the front to help her country in time of need. The beauty has traded her heels and makeup to combat shoes and firearms.

On Thursday the model, Anastasiia Lenna posted an image holding an attack rifle on her Instagram account with #handsoffukraine and #standwithukraine. Her post has gained more than 71.7k likes and 4.4k comments in her favor to support Ukraine. Lena is continuously updating the condition of Ukraine via her Instagram as well as he Twitter handle.

The model also posted a picture of a photograph of troops strolling with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on her social media account. She describes the president as ÔÇťa true and powerful leaderÔÇŁ. She also shared a video as she is preparing for this battle on her Instagram story.

She has also continuously urged for support and donations to the Ukrainian armed forces. If you wish to support Ukraine people and their armed forces through this disaster, we have listed down some resources to help Ukrainians via various methods. Read here to check out those resources.



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