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Meet America’s Brightest 11-year-old Indian American Girl In World

Yep, That’s right! You read that right. I officially welcome you to meet the brightest kid, who also happens to be American Indian. *Just adds more to the delight, no?

Well, this New Jersey student, Natasha Peri, has recently been honored for her outstanding and impeccable performances in SAT and ACT. There are more assessments that she has displayed her excellence in but let’s focus on SAT and ACT for now.

Natasha Peri, who is just 11-years old, an Indian American student has been renowned as the brightest kid worldwide.

A top US university judged her skills and based on her outstanding performance in SAT and ACT, raised her to be the brightest.

She also grabbed the High Honours Awards after she successfully cracked the John Hopkins Talent Search Test. Adding to that description, she also got the title ”one of the brightest” students. She received 90 percentile as her performance kept leveling up.

Talented and HOW!

The test was all about finding out if the “unique talent by matching them to an appropriate challenge”. The John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth states the following.

Moreover, the test center also provides courses that are available both offline and online especially so that ‘bright’ students could appear for it.

The design of the test is done most flexibly so that applicants can take tests for higher grades as compared to the ‘old’ test-takers. The different tests that fall under the category are: –

  • School and College Ability Test (SCAT)
  • Special Test Battery (STB)
  • Prelims SAT (PST)
  • SAT and ACT – Tests that are scheduled for colleges

The website reads – “Students achieving an advanced CTY level in the tests are awarded high honors,”

Reports said – “Peri was among the 19,000 participants from 84 countries who joined the CTY in the year 2020-21. Less than 20 percent of CTY Talent Search participants qualified for CTY High Honours Awards,”

Peri also stated- “It motivates me to do more,”. In addition to studying, doodling, and reading J R R Tolkien’s Books also turned to be super effective for her.

CTY’s executive “We are thrilled to celebrate these students. In a year that was anything but ordinary, their love of learning shined through, and we are excited to help cultivate their growth as scholars and citizens throughout high school, college, and beyond,”

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