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Mary Magdalene, Known for Her Surgeries, Booted Off a Flight for ‘Explicit Look’ in 22-Pounds Boobs

Instagram influencer Mary Magdalene created a buzz after she got booted from a flight because of her 22-pound boobs. The Canadian model is now threatening a lawsuit as the airlines kicked her off for looking “too explicit”. Read on to know more about the incident.

Who is Mary Magdalene?

After the said incident, many people were wondering who this Mary Magdalene is! In fact, if you search the name on Google, Wikipedia will show Mary Magdalene, who according to the four canonical gospels, travelled with Jesus as one of his followers and was a witness to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Well, we’ve got this Mary’s identity covered. Mary Magdalene is a Canadian model and Instagram influencer, famous for her numerous surgeries.  She is not only a social media star but also an adult star and only fan user.

Mary is claimed to be a surgery-addicted person. As far as we know she is from the USA, and her height is 5 feet 8 inches. As of now, her age is around 30. She is earning a good amount of money through her profession, her estimated net worth is $800K.

On her official Instagram account, she has more than 10k followers. You can also find her profile on snap, Twitter, youtube, TikTok, and almost all the social platforms. She has come up in news for her claim against an airline after she was kicked off a recent flight from Canada to Dallas for looking “too explicit.”

The Airlines Couldn’t Handle 22-Pound Boobs

Mary Magdalene took to Instagram to share a recent incident wherein she claims that she was booted off a plane for her 22-Pound (10kgs) breasts. She also claims that the airlines stated that her look was too explicit.

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  1. you’re a lawyer… and you didn’t take time to get American’s side. you just believe what she said. and oh… they can kick you off for being too revealing.

  2. If I saw her on a plane looking like that I’d say she’s out of her mind. And to be exposed like that when there’s kids around etc is just wrong. Frightening.
    Cover up you nut job.


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