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Machine Gun Kelly Loses His Temper and Smashes Guitar at his Concert

A crew member caught Machine Gun Kelly screaming and smashing a guitar during his sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. He walked over to a male employee at the end of his performance in New York City after storming off the stage.

In True Rock-Star Style, M.G.K. Smashed The Guitar On Stage

While Kelly, 32, with pink hair, was shouting from a short distance, another crew member was able to restrain him. M.G.K. returned to the stage with a guitar in hand and shredded it like a rock star. Meanwhile, his band continued to play for the crowd.

In an attempt to imitate Tommy Lee, he slammed a champagne flute against his head after the concert at Catch. During the fan-filled shindig, the rapper-turned-rocker punched himself with such force that he shattered the glass and bled.

“I don’t care, mate. I’m not giving anything,” he said through a microphone as he told his Instagram Story on Wednesday, stating a caption, “and that’s when things turned….” Later in a second video, he performed his hit song, “My Ex’s Best Friend”, while still bleeding for the public with the caption, “F-k it”.

Documentary Footage Shows Him Nearly Killing Himself

Kelly reveals in his new Hulu documentary, “Life in Pink,” how he almost committed suicide while on the phone with his fiancée, Megan TUSEN, after losing his father.

“I wouldn’t leave my room, and I started getting really, really, really dark. Megan went to Bulgaria to shoot a movie, and I started having this really wild paranoia. Like, I kept becoming paranoid that someone was going to come and kill me,” said M.G.K.

My first call was to Megane. Then I went into my room freaking out because you weren’t there for me. Man, I took the shotgun and hurled it at you. It is as if I am holding the barrel in my mouth as I scream on the phone. My shotgun will be cocked, and the bullet will go up, but the shell will get stuck on the barrel. Megan remains silent.

At that moment, Kelly realized that he had to deal with his future wife and daughter, Casie, who is 12 years old. While he did not state whether he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident, he said, “I gotta quit drugs for real this time.”

What Made M.G.K. Famous?

A.K.A. Machine Gun Kelly, Colson Baker is best known for his stage name. His stage name is a reference to notorious criminal George “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes, and it is a reference to his rapid-fire lyrical flow. Kelly, who was born in Houston, Texas, lived in a number of different cities before settling in Cleveland in 2005 the city he most closely associates with.

He is signed to Interscope Records and Bad Boy Records. In his early career, he released four mixtapes: Stamp Of Approval (2006), Homecoming (2008), 100 Words and Running (2010), and Lace Up (2010).



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