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Lychee and Rose Raspberry Ice Cream Added to IKEA Menu

Summers and Ice cream is a match made in Heaven. Do you like or love Ice cream? You have landed exactly in the right place.

According to IKEA, the Swedish furniture marketplace, the new flavor is nothing less than a treat, and as they are referring it’s ”better for the planet”.

IKEA certainly is looking to improvise its food menu and to do so, it made sure to start with ice cream.

Want to know the flavors?

It’s ”Lychee” and ”Rose Raspberry”!

Not only has the furniture giant is working on offering the richest and versatile home decor, it seems they are also in for making a major modification of the food menu.

Ah! The Flavors!

The Swedish Gourmet station is ready to set afloat and will launch both flavors.

There’s a catch!

The stock’s limited and both the flavors ”Lychee” and ”Rose Raspberry” are available only till the end of summer.

There is a whole lot of mix and match you can do with these flavors. You can either enjoy them together or have them separate, the choice is yours to make.

The sweet lychees are hand-picked from Taiwan. The combination of lychee with raspberry which is both sweet and sour is exemplary. The rose aroma might just add the bit that was missing.

Honestly, this is going to be an experience on its own.

Imagine the sweet blended with a punch of sour, wrapped with a floral and sweet aroma.

Well, you can just try the combination for your own and see how that works for your taste buds.

There’s more from IKEA apart from the ice cream flavors. The crayfish party meal is also coming back.

It will consist of spicy crayfish which when combined with a secret recipe, will raise the bar. In addition to the crayfish, springy truffle cream crayfish spaghetti, and a delightful mango crayfish salad will join the meal.

More names on the party meal are a salmon filet which will have cauliflower rice on the sides and fish skewers to make it all better.

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