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Lucas NCT Removal: Here is Everything You Need to Know

The controversy surrounding the personal relationships of Hong Kong rapper, singer, and model Lucas has created shockwaves in both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries.

22-year-old NCT/WayV’s Lucas was accused of not only being involved in romantic relationships with a number of his female fans in Korea as well as China but also accused of other bad behaviors like cheating, taking advantage of, gaslighting his girlfriends, criticizing television shows, etc.

Lucas NCT Removal: Why was Lucas removed from NCT’s New Merchandise?

As the allegations against him went viral on various social media platforms, the male idol and his management company SM Entertainment had to issue a response finally in the last week of August.

The surprise element in the response was that rather than denying the allegations and rumors, Lucas has posted an apology letter. SM Entertainment said that they have suspended all the activities of Lucas which left the fans disappointed.

Lucas apologized to people who had been hurt by his wrongdoings in his handwritten letter. He added that he would now need some time on self-introspection and he was aware of his mistakes.

SM Entertainment has also accepted that they were being irresponsible in the management of their artist’s deeds and tendered an apology to everyone who was affected by Lucas’s actions. There was no clarification provided by the company regarding his association with NCT whether he will stay or quit.

After this announcement in August, not much information has been made available on their website except that the male idol’s flight to China has been called off.

Fans were curious about his future when they realized that Lucas was missing in the NCT’s new merchandise.

Fans reactions on Lucas missing in the NCT merchandise

Recently SMTOWN & STORE made an announcement that NCT’s merch ‘MY ARTIST CARD PACK’ will be available for sale very soon at the company’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza store in Seoul. The pack will have a photocard cover and random photocards of the members with stickers.

However, Lucas’s fans were quick enough to realize that 22 members’ names were printed on the sticker set whereas his name was missing.

This was expected by many people post the controversy was made public. Many of his fans and netizens were quite happy with this move and demanded SM company remove Lucas from NCT completely rather than simply removing his name on NCT’s merch.

There are many international fans of Lucas who stood by him and asked for forgiveness for his mistakes. According to them, this is just a love scandal and he did not break the law.

However many fans of Lucas were so sure that he did not do anything wrong instead was under pressure from SM to apologize. They added that the evidence provided by the accused is baseless and constructed and also criticized the company.

Fans eager to know if Lucas is still a member of NCT or not

Many of his international fans are still angry as the company has silently removed Lucas’ name from NCT’s goods without providing a detailed explanation behind their actions.

Irrespective of whether they support or oppose Lucas, fans want transparency from the company to confirm if Lucas still continues to be an NCT member or not!

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  1. I’m honestly so sad about this. In the US, people wouldn’t care at all and it would all be baseless to cancel him on. Lucas and NCT deserve better.

    • Seriously, in the US what he did was called dating. No one here gives a rats ass if he was sleeping around. Different cultures though and his Asian fans want the illusion that he could choose one of them fall in love with and marry. So delusional

      • Agreed! This is so annoying; why do these companies give so much power to the small but loud irrational fans! The companies shouldn’t hold the guys (or girls) up to these unrealistic expectations; they’re human beings who want to date and experience love like every other human being! I’m a HUGE Lucas fan, and it’s ridiculous that some fans are trying to cancel him. Personally, I don’t believe the rumors, but even if they were true he’s a human being who made a human mistake, when it comes to dating. How can people learn from their mistakes if society and crazy fans won’t let them seek any form of redemption? This is absurd! I hope he sees the international support he and the group continuously give!

      • Hello, Canadian person here. Sleeping around is still kinda fucked up even in North America. It might not get as serious repercussions as in Asia but it’s still kinda fucked up to defend this kind of action. Not saying he should be removed from NCT or merch or anything but just saying: most normal people wouldn’t really say they don’t care at all if their fav celebrity was seducing fans and sleeping around with their groupies, basically.

        If you really admire someone, would you not want better for them. Yall tweens and shut-ins need to actually get out and have real world experience before you say this kind of stuff.

        • I agree with what u r saying;however, it wasn’t proved the allegations are true. They weren’t saying that he slept around they were saying that if he was to it wouldn’t be a big deal. Lucas sleeping around and all this bad stuff people have come and tried to acuse him of might not be true. People do this for attention and for some type of compensation. Some do it for fun and to ruin careers.

  2. One thing I hate about the K-Pop industry is this mindset that idols dating/sleeping around should be taboo. It’s very weird for fans to fixate on that. I’m not necessarily excusing the cheating, gaslighting, and other “toxic” things he was accused of, but it honestly should’ve never been our business in the first place. It’s HIS personal life, and let’s be honest, we’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. The only difference is that his mistakes are broadcasted to the world and ours aren’t. Please be more understanding.

  3. People took a deep dive into this and hired dedicated people and apparently he didnt even do any of those things. He was literally on plane when when a ‘fan’ accused him of messaging her. Like how is it possible to message someone on airplane mode. Also they were able to make out that the screenshots of the texts were photoshopped. Even if he actually did do those things, i think he deserves a chance at redemption.

  4. I for one do not believe Lucas is guilty of all he’s being accused of. Lucas should be back with NCT and back on stage.

    • Amen😇!!! I agree with you. He is totally being framed, i watched a youtube video about his unfortunate situation, and the dates didn’t match up, when one “ex-girlfriend” made a claim that they were together on a certain date at a certain place, Lucas was some where else during that time!!!

  5. I understand that SM could be sued , I just don’t understand why good lawyers aren’t handling this matter this twenty year old young man Idol allowed certain fans to be involved with him .Grown young ladies consensually. This isn’t sympathizing its demanding fairness in a perfect world people would wait to get married to have sex. All the details of this story is shady. Lucas a part of NCTU ,WAYV, a big team player in the NCT franchise 4 individual s determined his fate.

  6. SM Entertainment needs to take note.. if you want to become an even Bigger “International base” you have no choice but to consider and realizing WE “International fans” ie; America, Europe and South America do not EVER need idols to APOLOGIZE for FALSE accusations made from hysterical, immature seseang fans. Not ONLY do you hurt the fans but you also HELP hurt the idol themselves by this rediculous repetitive behavior trying to please only a chosen fake few. Whatever the agenda at hand, Lucas has a lot of fans and has been a huge asset to NCT, WAYV and SuperM. But your actions hurt him almost destroying his character all because of seseangs. Please bring Lucas back, IF he even wants to come back and treat him with the dignity and RESPECT as a person, that he deserves. Shame on you.

  7. This is very upsetting for Lucas and his fans all over the world. Lucas happens to be my SuperM bias, and I admire him so much for his talent, humor, and good looks;). And if some fans are wanting his permanent removal from NCT, that’s not a true fan. And I think they are exaggerating by calling this whole situation a “love scandal” wtf!! Lucas deserves a second chance, everyone deserves a second chance. Happy Birthday Lucas, things aren’t the same without you.

  8. I don’t usually have biases or anything kpop related but the first person I openly like and call my bias is almost cancelled 😭 there’s no way to justify what he did but to ruin his whole career and work just because of a dating scandal is too cruel. I’m not taking his side on his wrong doings but there are many dating scandals in western entertainment and they almost always fades away without their whole career being ruined so i wish that applies to him and the kpop industry as well. Also, it would be a pity to not see him ever again because of this is not fair to his many remaining fans too

  9. I really do not understand why these people are trying their best to bring Lucas down. He hasn’t done anything wrong, and even if he has he apologized for it Nct must forgive him and make him return . We love our Lucas and we will stand by him no matter what that what we are here for. Please bring Lucas back


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