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Link Your Starbucks and Delta SkyMiles Accounts to Earn Rewards

Starbucks and Delta Airlines have launched a loyalty partnership program that helps you earn SkyMiles and other rewards when you link both of your accounts. Here’s how to link your Starbucks and Delta SkyMiles accounts to win free rewards and enjoy exclusive perks.

The partnership between Starbucks and Delta Airlines kicked off Wednesday, October 12, 2022, and brings together “two of America‚Äôs most highly regarded loyalty programs,” as per the press release.

This new partnership will unlock loads of rewards for people who love Starbucks’ coffee and fly around frequently with Delta. The new joint loyal program is open for new and existing customers of both loyalty programs. There are plenty of reasons to join now.

How to Link Starbucks and Delta SkyMiles Accounts?

Customers who are a part of the Starbucks Rewards and Delta SkyMiles loyalty programs can now link their rewards to earn additional rewards. For instance, they can get one sky mile per $1 spent on eligible purchases at participating Starbucks outlets.

Here’s the procedure to link our Starbucks and Delta Airlines accounts to win cool rewards:

  • Click on this link (Opens in a new tab).
  • Now enter the required information in the given columns.

  • Next, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, click on “Submit” and follow through the on-screen prompts.

That’s it. It’s pretty simple to do and you don’t have to go any extra mile (pun intended).

What is the Eligibility Criterion for the Starbucks x Delta SkyMiles Loyalty Program?

There isn’t a specific eligibility criterion to become a part of the Starbucks x Delta SkyMiles loyalty program. You simply need to link your accounts for both loyalty programs and enjoy the benefits of the newest partnership.

If you are not an existing customer, you can easily sign up for Starbucks Rewards from here and Delta SkyMiles from here. After that, just link both accounts and earn the rewards available exclusively as part of the two brands’ partnership.

Benefits & Perks of Linking Starbucks & Delta SkyMiles Accounts

Starbucks Rewards members who link their account to Delta SkyMiles will be able to earn 1 SkyMiles per $1 spent on every eligible item on the coffee shop’s menu. To celebrate the launch, both Starbucks and Delta have also included a number of incentives for early adopters.

Customers who link their accounts between October 12, 2022, to December 31, 202, will earn 500 Delta SkyMiles as a bonus. They can also earn another Starbucks bonus of 150 Stars after making a qualifying purchase at a participating Starbucks outlet.

Additionally, the members will earn double Stars on eligible purchases at Starbucks on the days they travel on Delta. Moreover, Delta passengers on flights departing Seattle on Wednesday will also get a “Star Card” which is valid for 150 Stars.

They can redeem it on their next visit to Starbucks to get a free handcrafted beverage. There are plenty of perks for everyone and there’s no reason to not link the two accounts. The deal was so good that the link-up page crashed due to user overload on launch.

If you’ve experienced any issues linking your Starbucks and Delta SkyMiles accounts, just try again at a later time. Preferably, try the process at night or in the early morning when fewer users are active.

That’s all for this quick guide. Have you linked your accounts yet? Feel free to seek further help using the comment box.

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