When the time comes to admit to your parents you have a significant other, you may possibly be buried under the tomato garden in the backyard before you even finish that sentence.

Relationships are tough enough already—but being desi makes things significantly harder. Desi YouTubers have banked on the craziness of desi parents and let the millennials know they’re not alone through their hilarious videos.

Check out these awesome videos by comedians, bloggers and YouTubers that have all the facts and lessons you need to know for dating in a desi family.

Dating in a Brown Family

1. Jus Reign

First up is Jus Reign. Jus Reign’s “Desi Parents” videos are hilarious and so accurate, its no surprise his “Desi Parents and Relationships” video is completely relatable. Jus Reign brings up the struggles of being a 90s kid and how hard dating was with the lack of technological advances we have today. Of course, no matter when you were born you’ve definitely had your overly nosy desi parents sneaking around.

Let’s not forget the lies about where you were, breaking curfews, and bringing home a non-desi significant other, yup, relatable.

2. Zaid Ali

Zaid Ali’s “Desi Relationships” brings up the struggles of all the sneaking around you have to do while dating to hide your relationship from your parents. It’s do or die out there, you need to hone those evasive maneuvers skills in order to survive in a desi family with a relationship.

3. Kenny Sebastian

Indian stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian elaborates on the dating rules for guys in this segment from his show. The hilarious comedian lays out the lessons you need to learn in “Dating Rules Indian Guys Need to Follow.”

4. Superwoman

Everyone’s favorite YouTuber, Superwoman also adds her two cents with her “How My Parents React to Someone I’m Dating” video. Lilly Singh gets it so right in this video as she depicts her parents (played by herself as usual) interrogating her new boyfriend.

5. Superwoman (She’s so funny we had to have her twice!)

A little inter-racial love for ya’ll. Superwoman’s “When A Brown Girl Dates A White Boy” featuring Adam Devine is a hilarious take on what happens when you date a non-desi and how parents react.

6. Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor’s is a popular Bengali-American blogger who is known for her mad make-up skills. She also was always transparent about her relationship with her American boyfriend, and now husband, Seth. Luckily for her, it seems that her parents have welcomed Seth in quite well but what surprised her the most is how well Seth adjusted to her South Asian culture. Check out Noor’s “When A Brown Girl Dates A White Guy: My Expectations vs. Reality” for an adorable take on the realities of dating (and marrying) a non-desi.


7. BuzzFeed Yellow’s “Dating as an Indian Woman

BuzzFeed Yellow’s “Dating as an Indian Woman” is a totally realistic take on being a an educated and independent desi girl in the the Western world. This one really hits you in the gut with its accuracy, I’m sure my fellow independent desi girl’s over the age of 23 can agree.

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