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Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Accused Lisa Hochstein of Cyberbullying Her with Fake Account

Lenny Hochstein filed for divorce from his Real Housewives of Miami star wife, Lisa Hochstein in May this year. Now, the plastic surgeon’s new girlfriend Katharina Mazepa revealed that Lisa Hochstein has been cyberbullying her by creating a fake account. Lisa, on the other hand, denied all accusations.

Lisa Created a “Finsta” To Bully Katharina…

Lenny Hochstein’s girlfriend Kathrina Mazepa fired shots at “Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein by claiming that she would be “detrimental” to his children – while also alleging that the “Real Housewives of Miami” star has been cyberbullying her, despite Lisa firmly denying the accusations.

Kathrina also stated that she never met her plastic-surgeon beau’s kids despite Lisa’s false statement in recently filed court documents. Mazepa claimed, “The kids would not know who I am if I stood next to them.” Kathrina’s rep also added to the accusations by stating that Lisa created a fake Instagram account — a “finsta” — to cyberbully the plastic surgeon’s new girlfriend.

“In May, Lisa called Katharina and threatened her on the phone,” her rep claims. “Lisa has created a fake Instagram page and has continually cyber bullied Katharina.” The Australian model also hit Lisa by claiming that she is harmful to Lenny’s children.

Lisa Calls The Accusations Childish…

In a statement made on Wednesday (July 6), Lisa Hochstein slammed Mazepa’s claims as “childish antics.” She stated: “I’ve got no time for Katharina’s childish antics and accusations. They are false and just show her true colours and motives. I have my children to focus on and I am trying to keep them away from her and this negativity. None of these allegations is true.”

The alleged court documents filed by Lisa, she alleged the self-proclaimed “boob god” had been exhibiting “volatile behaviour” in front of their kids amid their divorce, so she was forced to “flee” the family’s $52 million mansion on Star Island. She also asked the court to demand Lenny not to expose her young kids to his “presumed” girlfriend” which she deems “detrimental to the best interests of minor children.”

Lenny’s lawyer,  Richard Preira, claims that Lisa “seems to crave attention, and so issues allegations that are inflammatory and the opposite of the truth.” Preira also alleged that when Lenny moved out of the master bedroom, Lisa “stalked him in the house” so he moved out. “Now she stalks him in the media and social media,” he added. Previously, Kathrina claimed that Lisa was fully aware that she was dating Lenny.

Lisa and Lenny confirmed their split on May 16. The divorce papers filed by Lenny, 55 cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason why he and Lisa, 39, have split after 12 years of marriage. Interestingly, a prenuptial agreement was signed before they wed in 2009, and per the terms, Lenny will pay spousal support to Lisa.

The ex-couple share two children (who were welcomed via surrogate while RHOM was off-air): Logan, 6, and Elle, 2. Lenny previously stated in his divorce papers that he will”fully provide for all of the children’s needs” and added he’d like “frequent time-sharing” of the children.

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