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LeBron James ‘Fortnite’ Skin to Release on 14th July

LeBron James is the latest celebrity to make his appearance in the Fortnite universe. From tomorrow, i.e. 14th July, Fortnite players will be having the option of purchasing two different variants of the NBA superstar. First, will be having a regular LeBron with a variety of outfits. Whereas the second will be based on LeBron’s role in the upcoming movie, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

With the bundle, Fortnite players will also be offered two different skins, along with their associated accessories. And both skin will mainly focus on the LeBron upcoming shoe, Nike LeBron 19. Additionally, one of the optional outfits portrays the look of classic LeBron from 2018.

In addition to all the leaks coming out, NBA superstar, LeBron James himself posted a funny new teaser on his Twitter handle, showcasing his real-life version of his upcoming Fortnite skin.

LeBron James Fortnite Skin: First Look

The first LeBron Fortnite skin looks absolutely stunning. In this, he is wearing a black jacket, lion head pauldrons, and have a golden crown over his head. This outfit comes with the option of different pairs of shoes that you can choose from.

You can also choose the base variant of the outfit, in which LeBron is wearing Black pauldrons instead of gold. And in this outfit, his golden crown turns into a pinkish hue.

How can a Fortnite skin be completed without a marketing tie-in, and without any doubt, Lebron is also a part of Space Jam: A New Legacy. In this skin, LeBron is wearing a tune squad Jersey and shorts that are blue and orange in color.

Lastly, LeBron has also skin, in which he is seen referencing his own family with the help of a Taco Tuesday-themed outfit. LeBron is often seen celebrating Taco Tuesdays in his home, an incident that has become a meme nowadays for his fans.

LeBron James: Other Cosmetics

Other than all these outfits and skins, LeBron James is also getting his own “Silencer” emote, something that he often performs in his real-life NBA game. Every LeBron James character will be given a LeBron “6” number on his back, that will be in big yellow or yellow/pink neon shade.

Additionally, we also have a LeBron James-themed loading screen, in which he can be seen dunking on the gods.

LeBron Fortnite Skin Release Date

Okay, so the main question is from when can we see LeBron James in Fortnite? As per the announcement done by Epic Games, Fortnite players can see LeBron in the item shop from July 14, 8 PM Eastern Time. However, there isn’t any information available on the cost of LeBron’s Fortnite skin. But looking at the number of stuff coming for LeBron, one can guess that it will be a premium item.

Talking about the purchasing option, HYPEX said, “For those who are wondering yes you can buy LeBron’s Pickaxe, Emote and Glider separately, or all three at once as a bundle, but you can’t buy the Backbling along, you’d have to get the original LeBron James skin or the 2 skins bundle. “

So, these were all the information available on LeBron James skin coming on Fortnite this Wednesday. Keep visiting our website for the more interesting and latest news.

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