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Krista London’s TikTok Drama Explained: A Funny Video Ends Into ‘Online Bullying’

Krista London, known for helping people with a better understanding of social media via TikTok videos, landed in deep trouble. Krista’s TikTok drama is a classic example of how a funny video can turn into “online bullying” and “harassment”. The drama began with the video, where she was trying to help a friend get the hang of social media. Read on to know more about it.

Krista London’s TikTok Drama Explained

Krista has over 500k followers on the video-sharing platform and is known for actively working in the digital marketing field. Her content usually revolves around meaningful conversations with her fans and allowing them to feel connected to her. Apart from this, she also runs an Amazon Store Front, where people could buy similar items to hers. She is also known for running a Food Bank Donation.

While the lady sounds faultless, recently she became a victim of “online bullying” and “harassment”, courtesy of a funny video gone wrong. Krista London, known for helping people feel connected through her TikTok content, burst into tears after a funny video receievd massive backlash from her fans.

It all started when the social media influencer posted a video wherein she narrated an instance where she had to help her friend get the hang of social media. In the now-deleted video, Krista explained how her friend needed a little help to run social media.

“I’ve got a story, and she’s gonna be so mad,” begins Krista while cackling. She then compared her friend to teaching one’s grandma how to master the ways of modern technology. “I’m joking,” Krista exclaimed. “I was so much fun, so much fun. Just you wait,” she was heard saying in the video. While this video received applause from some, it received massive backlash from her fans for making fun of elderly people and whatnot.

Let me tell you that the concerned person in the video is Krista’s good friend (photographer) and not a typical client. To me, the video seems to be like lightly teasing a friend, something we all do in our daily lives. However, for Krista, a light joke turned into a nightmare after fans started calling her out.

Not only this, her friend’s family member too called her out for posting such a video. Even though Krista deleted the video, user Kayleigh Ann Johnson kept the drama going, by keeping the video in the stitch. 

The photographer’s friend’s husband also took hits at Krista and instead of letting her know that his wife was hurt, he instead suggested social media users attack Krista for making fun of his wife. In the shared stitch by Kayleigh Ann Johnson, there’s a screenshot of the husband’s Facebook post addressing the TikTok. In the screenshot, he starts by calling Krista a “f–ktard,” claiming that her sole intent was to shame his wife.

In Will Smith’s style, this husband mentioned: “Give me a break. ‘She sucks, she’s the worst.’ Who do you think you are? Other than your little followers on a little machine. In the words of Will Smith at an awards show [Keep my wife name out your mother f*ckin mouth].”

Not only this, but his post ends with a heated caption: “If you have a TikTok account, send that flake [Krista] a message and let her know this isn’t right.” Moreover, he accused her of not empowering women. Sounds unfair, isn’t it?

What’s In The Apology Video?

After hours of “online bullying” and “harassment”, Krista was seen bursting out into tears in a now-deleted video and issued a sincere apology on TikTok. However, she took it down in no time. If you didn’t get a chance to watch her video, let me enlighten you.

In this new video, she addressed the situation.  “I royally f*cked up and I didn’t even know. I clearly messed up this morning and I didn’t even know, but no I’m being blasted on social media. I 100% deserve it too. I spent the day yesterday with my friend teaching her how to do social media.”

She explained that she and her friend spent the entire day laughing and that the video was supposed to be funny. However, it came out as “making fun of or shaming if you didn’t know the context.” However, she revealed that her friend never told her that she was offended. “From the depths of my soul, I would never go out of my way to make someone feel embarrassed or hurt,” she added.

She also revealed that even though she took down the video, someone screen-recorded it and edited it further due to which the other person was getting hate. She concluded: “I am begging everyone to please stop picking at them. Take your anger out on me. I have sent apologies.”

She continued, “I hate that something I did caused a situation like this to ruin relationships. Many lessons were learned here. I am begging everyone to stop attacking them. Anything hateful towards them needs to stop. They have the right to feel upset and they have the right to their feelings.”

Krista apologised for intentionally offending her friend while stating that she had no idea this would happen. However, one thing is clear. This negativity was fueled by the friend’s husband. Despite this, Krista urged her fans to leave her friend and her husband out of it, stating: “Take your anger out on me.”

Krista’s case is just one of the many cases on social media where funny videos can end up affecting someone’s mental health. While social media is a place for making new connections and showcasing what you love, sometimes it can be a really cruel place to be. While it’s a matter between two friends, who can calmly sort out the issue, making a mockery of the issue seems unfair. Let the friends deal with it on their own, what do you say?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


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