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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Drop Photos From Their Vacation in Mexico

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better and steam-ier than this, Kourtney put out a sensual photo of her with boyfriend Travis Barker.

Trust me, you can’t believe it until you see how much ”steamy” are we talking about here!

Kourtney Kardashian has always been the one who has put her relationship out in front of the media and the world. She makes sure to share everything that’s going on in her relationship with her fans and everyone concerned.

Therefore, she does want us to know this time that she is in Cabo, enjoying her vacation with Travis Barker.

Also, to turn on the heat, she would very well remind all of us, how the couple is over each other all this while!

Want a sneak-peak? Keep going.

Kourtney Kardashian, 42, and Travis Barker, 45 are the most happening couple right now. Not to forget how time again they dump their PDA videos and picks on social media. Something similar happened on August 18th, when the couple shared their sexy pic on IG

Another Sensual, Steamy, and Sexy Photo of Kourtney and Travis

Clearly, the two are in love with each other. Truly, Deeply, and Madly.

To talk about Kourtney’s appearance, she is wearing and black and white zebra-print dress which has many cutouts on the sides. She has paired her outfit with a strappy pair of black heels. For the lips, she went with Red.

That’s how she completed her look. Her cute little half-pony made it all just better. Whereas for Travis, it was a clean look with all black wiith a black tee, pants, and sneakers.

She also added a witty caption that ready ”Yummy”

Barker also posted on Instagram an image of the two. He shared credits with Kardashian for helping him fly again.
“With you anything is possible 🖤 @kourtneykardash,”, his caption read.
Travis has been very skeptical about his traveling in an airplane especially after the tragic plane crash.
What we have is a source speaking how Kardashian sent the wave of encouragement to Travis.
“This has been something that Travis has been working on for some time,”
“It’s something he’s wanted to do and to overcome. Kourtney has been incredibly loving and supportive and it is through her love, help and confidence in him that he was able to finally do this. The people that have been close to Travis since his crash are so very excited for him.”
Seems the couple is truly in love. We have a source stating the following about the two –
“His life has completely changed since he has been with Kourtney and he feels ready to do anything,”
She’s helped him overcome this fear and he feels like he can do anything with her by his side. He has been wanting to fly for awhile and he felt like finally the time was right.”
If that’s the case, are we ready to hear wedding bells already?
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