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Kelly Ripa In Sexy Swimsuit; Shirtless Husband Can’t Stop Leering

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have always made it to the headlines for so many reasons. When it comes to social media, the couple has made it quite h-o-t with their sizzling photos.

They have never been the ones to shy about their feelings and posing off their humor on the media. Time and again, the duo has kept the entertainment in place for the fans.

That isn’t all.

Recently, the couple posted an Instagram post that went straight to the head of 2.9 million followers and they just couldn’t stop admiring Kelly and Mark.

Curious? Well, let’s find out what exactly happened.

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, The Swimsuit, and the ‘Ogle’

The hot couple couldn’t stop punching their humor on social media when Kelly recently posted her image in a Swimsuit.

The picture, sensual. The audience, stunned. The husband, mesmerized.

Here is what the cheeky display of fun the image was.

Ripa wrote – ”’When the end is in sight….” Ripa could be clearly seen bending in the image in her sexy swimsuit and Mark just couldn’t stop admiring her by of course ogling at her!

Well, did the daughter approve the images though? Kelly and Ripa have been buzzing around for all this while.

The backside of Kelly was facing Consuelos and he not only was shirtless but definitely excited. He couldn’t stop watching her with his mouth wide open.

Clearly evident from the image.

The snap took over the internet by a storm and the friends of the couple couldn’t resist pinning their comments down.

“This is the best pic you’ve ever posted.” Bravo host Andy Cohen mentioned.

”I love this”, said Mindy Kaling.

Elaine Welteroth pinned her emotion for the couple and of course, the sexy snap “Hahaha you guys are marriage goals forever and ever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

The Golden hour just adds more depth to the image and makes it a powerful one. Behind Consuelos, you can see the Golden sun trying to peek in.

The Riverdale star, 50, was shirtless and we just can’t stop admiring his abs. Can we?

We’re Drooling!

Ripa, in her picture, was equally gorgeous and could be seen stealing the spotlight and how!

The blonde dress made her look so petite and beautiful. The couple took the picture a few feet away from the pool, maybe from the backyard of their home.

On May 1, the couple celebrated their 25th Anniversary. Kelly and Mark met each other on ‘All My Children’ and got married in 1996. They have been together ever since.

They have three children, Lola who is 20, Joaquin who is 18, and Michael, 24.

The family also went on a trip to Italy and shared their experience with peeps on social media.

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