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Kelly Clarkson Under Fire For Promoting New Music Instead Of Addressing ‘Toxic’ Show Claims

Kelly Clarkson is facing massive criticism after he chose to promote a new song instead of addressing recent claims that ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ is an allegedly ‘toxic’ work environment. Around 10 former staffers and one present staffer claimed that they were “intimidated and bullied”, and “overworked and underpaid” at the show.

Kelly Clarkson Cares About Promotion Than Workers

Grammy-winning singer, Kelly Clarkson is one of those innocent faces, who’d barely offend someone ever. Unlike Ellen DeGeneres, the host is not even close to offending. Having said that, recent claims against “The Kelly Clarkson Show” not only come as a shock but the fact that she chose to ignore, disappointed a lot of fans.

Shortly after the claims were published, Kelly Clarkson chose to promote her new music instead of addressing the tox work environment claims by one present and 10 former workers, published in the Rolling Stone article.

The singer /host took to Instagram and captioned her new music video alongside a black and white photo of hers. “You’re my favorite kind of high 🤍 new song from my album #chemistry comes out on 5.19! pre-save now. link in bio,” the singer wrote about the track. Since the post, fans are calling her post, tone-deaf, as she chose to ignore the Rolling Stone article.

Kelly Clarkson May Have Been Unaware, But Can’t Be Ignorant

After Kelly Clarkson chose not to address the “toxic” work environment claims, fans slammed her new music video. One fan wrote, “This post seems a bit tone-deaf after the Rolling Stone article today – I’m assuming the post was pre-scheduled because the timing is awful.”

The fan continued, “I’m a huge fan of yours, I’m so excited for your new album, and I wish you nothing but the best – but I really hope you use your considerable power to clean up what’s going on at your show.”

He further explained that “NBC’s response statement seemed canned and out of touch, offered zero specifics on what they’d actually done to address the allegations”, and predictably took no accountability.

He concluded, “So I really, really, really hope you use your voice and clout to help those that have none and do a universal “asshole sweep” on your show. No one should be allowed to treat staff that way.”

Another fan begged,“PLEASE ADDRESS THE TOXIC WORKING ENVIRONMENT AT YOUR TALK SHOW BEFORE YOU BECOME THE NEXT ELLEN,” referring to Ellen DeGeneres’ show debacle following similar claims.

One current and 10 former staffers of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” spoke to Rolling Stone for a bombshell exposĂ©, claiming they were “bullied and intimidated” by the show’s “monster” producers, “overworked,” “underpaid” and overall “traumatized” by the experience. But again, the staffers sided with Kelly and said they don’t think she knew anything about it.

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