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Keanu Reeves Movies are Banned in China Due to his Tibet Backing

Grief changes shape, but it never ends.

The iconic Canadian actor Keanu Reeves, best known for his role in the movie ‘The Matrix,’ has been blacklisted from China’s streaming platforms.

Reeves began his career in theatre and television movies before making his mainstream movie appearance in Youngblood (1986). His breakout performance came in the science fiction comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

But what happened when China’s streaming platforms unexpectedly removed the performer from their platforms? A lot actually.

Keanu Reeves Movies Are Banned In China Due To His Tibet Backing

Keanu Reeves’ movies are banned in China due to his support for Tibet. Tibet is a politically sensitive region that has a history of defying China’s central authorities.

According to reports, prominent Chinese streaming platforms such as Tencent Video, iQiyi, Bilibili, and Xiqua Video have withdrawn several movies starring Reeves.

When the actor is searched for on the platform, it supposedly says that due to relevant laws & policies results can’t be shown. Here’s the proper display of the statement.

Sorry, no results related to ‘Keanu Reeves’ were found. Due to relevant laws, regulations, and policies, some results are not shown.”

However, no comments have been made about the incidence as of yet. It’s unclear whether the platforms made the decision according to their own or as a result of the administration.

Number Of Reeves Movies Withdrawn Out Of The Streaming Platforms

Reeves was set to perform at a March 3, 2022 benefit event for Tibet House, a New York-based group linked with the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader.

According to reports, at least 19 movies starring Reeves have been withdrawn from Tencent Video.

Keanu Reeves Is Discreet About His Spiritual Beliefs

Reeves is secretive about his religious views, calling them “personal and private.”

When questioned if he is spiritual, he replied that he believes “in God, faith, inner faith, the self, passion, and things,” and that he is “very spiritual” and “very bountiful.”

Despite the fact that he does not technically practice Buddhism, the faith has made an indelible influence on him, particularly after shooting Little Buddha.

He said, “Most of the things I’ve come away with from Buddhism have been human—understanding feelings, impermanence, and trying to understand other people and where they’re coming from.”

A-List Of Actors Banned In China

Now that we’re talking about Reeves being banned in China, he’s not the only one. However, there is a list of notable people who are banned in the country.

Miley Cyrus

Yes, the troublemaker was involved in a major controversy for mocking the country. Miley Cyrus dressed up as Hanoi Montana for this shot, and people were not pleased.

The Chinese Foreign Minister even stepped in, saying, “Miss Cyrus has made it clear she is no friend of China or anyone of East Asian descent.

We have no interest in further polluting our children’s minds with her American ignorance.” That’s a massive response for just one image.

Brad Pitt

We’ve all heard of Brad Pitt, but did you know he was also involved in the dispute? Pitt played the 14th Dalai Lama’s tutor in the 1997 movie Seven Years in Tibet.

Chinese officials were offended by the film’s depiction of China’s colonization of Tibet. They prevented the principal people associated with the movie, including Pitt, from entering China after concluding that the producers deserved the ban from China.

Pitt couldn’t enter China until 2016. But later things came back to normal.

Along with these other prominent celebrities, Selena Gomez was also barred from entering the country at one time. What are your thoughts on this situation? Tell us in the comments section below.

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