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Kate Middleton Heckled By Protestor In Northern Ireland During Her Royal Visit

They say, not everyone can be Princess Diana! Well, in Kate Middleton’s case, certainly not. The Princess of Wales was on a royal trip to Northern Ireland along with her husband, Prince William when she was heckled by a protestor. Read on to know about this incident that has gone viral all over the internet.

Go Back To You Country!

Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s royal visit to Northern Ireland was a bit shaky. Princess of Wales was heckled by a protestor during a royal walkabout on Thursday (Oct. 6). The footage of one woman telling Kate that she must go back to her country has gone viral. It has been reported that the alleged woman was on Antrim Road in north Belfast when Kate was confronted.

As Kate continued to greet people, one woman suddenly appeared and said, “Nice to meet you but it would be better for us if you were in your own country.” The protestor appeared to be recording this conversation on her phone.

“Ireland belongs to the Irish,” she added as the 40-year-old princess continued to greet onlookers and laughed awkwardly. The reason behind the heckling is simple. Northern Ireland remains a part of Great Britain even after Ireland gained independence in 1949, and that’s a sore spot for many Irish people.

How Are People Reacting?

While not everyone is as lovable as Princess Diana, social media users have surely come to Kate’s defense. Several people found this incident rude and clapped back at the protestor. One person tweeted, “How very rude.” Another wrote, “If you don’t like the Royals, don’t turn up to an event with Royals present.”

One person tweeted, “Have a referendum then instead of throwing snide comments at a woman. Other people praised how Kate Middleton handled the situation. One person wrote, “The Princess of Wales handled the situation with grace,” said one person. “She kept calm and carried on.” “Princess of Wales pretty much outshined that moment,” another one said.

Why Was Kate In Northern Ireland?

Kate Middleton and William were bestowed with the titles of ‘Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus’ by the late Queen Elizabeth at their wedding in 2011. During this one-day trip to Northern Ireland, the royal couple visited several charities and community organizations in Belfast and Carrickfergus.

The abovementioned incident took place outside the Public Initiative for Prevention of Suicide and Self-Harm (PIPS) charity, where the royal couple stopped by to speak to the charity’s staff. And this is certainly not the first time! Earlier this year a protest by an indigenous group in Belize lead the pair to cancel their visit to the Caribbean during their royal tour.

PIPS was founded in 2003 after 14 youngsters committed suicide over a short period. The Prince and Princess of Wales made PIPS their first stop and spoke about their work to prevent suicide and self-harm.

Apart from this, the duo participated in “art therapy and painted pumpkins” with children who are currently undergoing therapy at the centre. But again, Ireland shares its envy with the royal for several reasons. If you’ve forgotten, Lord Mountbatten was assassinated in 1979 by a member of the IRA amid the conflict between republicans and unionists. Well, the country’s got some wounds that may never heal.

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