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Kassandra Clementi and Jacqueline Toboni are ‘enGAYged’

At least someone is having a good time all this while during the Pandemic and its none other than Kassandra Clementi.

Also, to jump with joy, there is another news she wants the world to be aware of and that’s about her Engagement. We wish her congratulations.

Want to know about her partner? That’s Jacqueline Toboni.

The former Home and Stay star Kassandra Clement, who was popular as Maddy Osborne. She made a loud announcement that she is getting engaged with her partner Jacqueline Taboni, or wait, we hear that they are already engaged! *I hope you detected my smartness and the way I played with words here, Cheers!

Either way, calls for celebration, right?

She shared an Instagram post where she pointed out to the audience and mentioned, ”hit the Jacq-pot”

Her note on Instagram read – ”I hit the Jacq-pot. You are quite simply the greatest person I have ever known,”

And furthermore, comes the announcement – “I love you infinitely and cannot wait to marry the absolute sh*t out of you. #enGAYged.”

Romantic Getaway and a ”Proposal”

The Australian actress seemed very ecstatic about the whole experience. She is presently 30-year-old and Taboni is 29. There were so many images lined up on Instagram which were surely the happy times the couple spent together.

Taboni, on her Instagram, confessed, she wrote, “I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a goofy, smart, funny kind soul in you.”

“Thank you for making me laugh every day. I can’t wait to do this forever. Love you.”

There were many happy selfies that came out and Kassandra did everything possible to make her partner feel the happiness.

She also wrote – “You are quite simply the greatest person I have ever known. From the mundane to the insane, life is so fun with you.

Jacqueline probably was the one to go on her knees. She wrote, ”This first pic is right before I proposed. The last is when we noticed I was so nervous I broke out in hives…”

Last year, in September, is when the couple moved out together in the US. In 2019, the two began dating.

Jacq has been on TV series like Grimm. For Kassandra, her big break came through Home and Stay. Her career started at Summer Bay in 2013.

Kassandra also was in the limelight during her dating timeline and relationship with Chris Brown. Their affair was pretty private and they didn’t speak anything out in the media that had anything to do with their relationship.

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