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Kanye West Sues Walmart for Selling Knockoff Yeezy Sneakers

Yes, you heard it right, 44 years old hip-hop superstar Kanye West is going to sue Walmart because they are selling the replica of his Yeezy Foam Runner shoes at a way lower price than it should be.

The hip-hop and fashion star Kanye West is alleging that the retail giant Walmart is generating a state of confusion in customers’ minds about what exactly they are buying.

Yeezy is the most popular sneakers among the current generation. The lavish lifestyle of Kanye West and the partnership with the Adidas for its production and distribution have played a major role in its popularity among youth.

Walmart Faces Lawsuit From Kanye West: What’s The Whole Matter?

The American hip-hop superstar Kanye West who got received stardom because of “The Life of Pablo” and getting involved in various other controversies have recently alleged Walmart for copying his Yeezy Foam Runner shoes.

According to the report published in, Daily Mail UK, the allegation is all about not following the production rights of shoe production, making a cheaper version of that shoe with almost the same looks.

Yeezy becomes famous in the international market because of launching some iconic designs that no one has seen before. This design completely doesn’t match with the regular standards of common sneakers designs, especially with the 2019 released Yeezy Foam Runners.

They were more of a Crocs’ clogs. The initial designs of Yeezy Boost were the most popular and most successful design of the sneaker line before the current ones took over the title.

Walmart Respond To The Allegations

According to TMZ reports, the massive retail company, Walmart is trying hard to defend itself by claims made by Kanye West and his bureaucrat team. Walmart is claiming that they are neither the producer nor the designers of the Yeezy Foam Runner shoes displayed on their website, they are only acting as a distributor.

Until posting this article, Walmart hasn’t removed the sneakers from their website until now, despite the allegations made by Kanye West and his bureaucrat team. You can still see the sneakers posted on Walmart’s online listing.

Designed by Daeful, the controversial sneakers have so many similarities in terms of design to Kanye West Yeezy Foam Runners. But in terms of pricing, they are almost one-third of the original price. Kanye West Yeezy Foam Runners are sold at $75, whereas the Daeful Yeezy is being sold at one-third of that price, i.e. $25.

Any Official Statement From Walmart?

A Walmart spokesperson has responded to the matter with the statement, ” The product referenced in the complaint is not sold by Walmart, but rather by third-party marketplace sellers. We take allegations like this seriously and are reviewing the claim. We will respond in code as appropriate after we have been served with the complaint.

Now, that Kanye West and his legal team have sent a legal notice to Walmart in regards to removing the fake version of shoes from their website, they are all set to deal a good amount of damage to Walmart’s reputation. Let’s wait, how the scenario goes out in the court until keep visiting our platform to get updated regarding this matter.

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  1. I understand Kayne West Frustration with his designer shoes. However, they are not affordable and there is going to be someone on the black market that is going to mass-produce a replica of his design. The people have made you a billionaire so think twice or three times about your pricing of your designs.


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