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Kanye West Named Suspect In ‘Battery Investigation’ After Throwing A Woman’s Phone

Kanye West is undergoing a ‘battery investigation’ after the rapper snatched and threw a woman’s phone as she refused to stop filming him. Kanye was leaving for his daughter, North’s basketball game after the paps started following him. The identity of the woman is not yet revealed. Read on to learn more.

Kanye’s Face Off With Paps…

Kanye West is making headlines for having another incident with the paparazzi. The rapper is named a suspect in a battery investigation after a heated exchange with a photographer escalated to the point where Ye grabbed a woman’s phone and threw it away. It is reported that the unidentified woman (a pap or a fan) refused to stop filming him.

This incident occurred when Ye was leaving his daughter, North’s basketball game. A video of the same is making rounds on the internet wherein Kanye can be seen upset, accusing the woman of following him. The woman responds: You’re a celebrity!” After this, Ye grabbed her phone and threw it away as she tried to film him.

Kanye Asked To Be Left Alone…

In one part of this widely circulated clip, Kanye West was seen confronting another group of paps who were capturing the entire incident on camera. He asked them to let him be. “You want me to be running up on your kids’ games like that?” Ye told the pap, who defended his team stating, “there’s a hundred of us.”

Kanye continues, “Everybody needs to stop when I see my kids. If I need to see my kids, you can’t photograph me. It’s called human rights.” It is reported that police authority from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department came to the scene and was given video evidence of the incident. The unidentified woman was captured leaving the sheriff’s office while West has since been named as a suspect in a battery investigation.

Ye’s face-off with the paps comes just a day after he was spotted shopping with his alleged new bride, Bianca Censori, 27. He was seen shopping at Balenciaga, the French fashion house that cut ties with Ye following his anti-semitic rants. Even though the Kardashians seem happy with Ye’s new life, they are definitely worried about this rushed decision.

“The family isn’t taking this as a marriage yet. They don’t know what it is. They aren’t sure if it is a PR stunt. They are waiting to see if he files for papers. They are nervous because if it’s real, she would be in the children’s lives,” an insider from the family revealed.

Kanye’s case is a classic example of how a person falls from top to bottom, all thanks to his disturbing behaviour since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. West has been cancelled by most big brands for his anti-semitic comments and has since maintained a low profile.

Big companies such as French fashion house Balenciaga, Adidas, Gap and Foot Lockers cut all professional ties with Kanye. The German shoe giant, Adidas referred to Ye’s recent anti-semitic comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous. As for what happened recently, I think Ye was just looking for some privacy and it seems like the paps weren’t intended to give him any. What do you think?

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