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Justin Bieber Cries on Stage in Mexico After Texas School Shooting

Justin Bieber broke down in tears recently. He was performing on stage in Mexico as part of his Justice World Tour. The 28-year-old pop star could not hold back tears as he spoke to the crowd about racism, injustice, and more.

Why Did Justin Bieber Cry On Stage?

Bieber took to Instagram later and shared a video with over 237 million followers. The video was a close-up shot of him crying on stage. He captioned the picture “Tears fill my eyes with hope for humanity”.

In around a day, the video has 6.1 million views and 13,000 comments. Some people wondered why he was crying. Bieber was visibly upset after the Texas school shooting. Over 21 people lost their lives when an 18-year-old walked into a school and open fired. Two teachers lost their lives while 19 children got killed.

News is coming out that the police waited for 45 minutes before charging into the school and killing the shooter. In cross-fire, two officers also got injured. It was reported that a 9-year-old girl covered herself in her friend’s blood and pretended to be dead while waiting for help.

The mother of the shooter has come out and asked for forgiveness for her son and herself.

What Did Justin Bieber Say?

During the concert, Justin said “Everybody is equal. In this world, there’s a lot of division and a lot of racial injustice, but we get to be the difference makers. We get to stand together and unite and celebrate amongst one another because we are all the same.”

Even though he was in tears, his message was not of disappointment but of hope. He also posted another clip of his speech from the night. He says “This tour is about unity and acceptance”. There was also someone on stage who translated what Justin said into Mexican, and the crowd cheered. He ended the speech with “We are in this together and I love you so much”.

He captioned the video “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE”. The video has over 1 million plays and 2,000 comments.

Moment Of Silence For Those Killed

Unfortunately, there have been numerous incidents of gun violence in schools. This is not the first time that Justin Bieber has spoken up about it. Recently, after a shooter went into a school and killed 10 people in Buffalo, he held a moment’s silence during one of his shows.

He had made a small speech back then too. He said “As you most likely are aware, there’s been misfortune in the city, however, what we will do this evening, is we will respect those individuals, and I would cherish in the event that we could simply pause for a minute of quiet”.

Back then too, He spoke of how the world was engulfed in division and racism. He continued, “We become individuals who keep on having the discussions with our companions and our families and our friends and family, who keep on being partners.”

Bieber has been vocal about the causes he believes in and this is certainly close to his heart. He also has three half-siblings who are of school-going age. Along with Bieber, other celebrities like Taylor Swift, John Legend, Harry Styles, and many more have come out to speak about the incident and demand justice.




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