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Johnny Depp Makes TikTok Debut After He Wins Amber Heard Defamation Trial

American actor and producer, Johnny Depp has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where he is followed by 13 million and 24.6 million respectively.

It appears that the 58-Year-old actor is now expanding his reach on social media. The actor has just launched his new social media account on the popular video hosting service platform TikTok.

Johnny Depp joins TikTok

Just a few days after he won the landmark defamation case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, a new verified TikTok account of the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” star appeared on the platform.

According to several authenticated reports published in the media, he joined TikTok on 6th June 2022.

Even though he has not posted any videos at the time of writing this article, the account has attracted more than 3.7 million followers in less than 24 hours.

His fans were anticipating details about his next movie project instead it seems like they were surprised to find this breaking news about his new TikTok account.

Fans welcome Depp on TikTok

His bio on TikTok states, “Occasional Thespian,” which features a black and white photo of the Hollywood celebrity for the profile photo. A source who is considered to be very close to the actor has confirmed that the account is official without providing further details about him.

Various TikTok creators have also said they support Depp’s decision to join TikTok. Several creators have captioned their videos, “Welcome to TikTok, Johnny,” saying they want the actor to take part in TikTok trends and are excited to see what kind of content he might post.

Depp ruled the Social Media

When the trial was in progress, Depp was a favorite on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp receiving more than 33 billion TikTok views while #JusticeForAmberHeard received just 86 a million views.

The Alice in Wonderland actor expressed his gratitude to his well-wishers and followers for their continued patronage.

Depp shared his reaction to the verdict announced on 1st June on social media.

The Academy Award nominee wrote, “Six years ago, my life, the life of my children, the lives of those closest to me, and also, the lives of the people, who for many, many years have supported and believed in me were forever changed. All in the blink of an eye.”

“False, very serious and criminal allegations were levied at me via the media, which triggered an endless barrage of hateful content, although no charges were ever brought against me. It had already traveled around the world twice within a nanosecond and it had a seismic impact on my life and my career. And six years later, the jury gave me my life back”, he added.

The jury awarded $15 million in damages to Depp because of cap limits imposed in Virginia state on punitive damages, it was later decreased to $10.35 million.

Depp was recently seen touring around the UK with his friend and musician Jeff Beck. He also made the announcement that he will be coming up with a new music album along with the singer in the near future.

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