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‘Jeffrey Dahmer Was In Stranger Things’ TikTok Rumors Debunked

Social media users often choose to create buzz around rumors based on irrational theories. One such rumor about Jeffrey Dahmer’s appearance in Stranger Things has been creating a lot of buzz on the internet. Social media users are convinced that saw a young Jeffrey Dahmer in the fan-favourite series. Well, the simple answer to this hides behind the timeline of the Milwaukee Monster’s case.

All About The Jeffrey Dahmer Rumors…

Netlfix’s “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has surpassed the hit series “Stranger Things” in terms of views. However, fans have now found a weird connection between America’s most notorious serial killer and the hit series. Social media users believe that they have spotted Jeffrey Dahmer in the background in Season 4 of “Stranger Things”.

A video detailing the ‘alleged cannibal cameo’ has crossed more than 2.2 million views. One user wrote: “OMG Jeffrey Dahmer in stranger things.” The video showcases a blonde bowl-cut boy wearing Dahmer-type granny glasses lurking outside Hawkins High School. The clip then features Evans Peters, who portrayed the serial killer in “Monster”

Jeffrey Can’t Be In Stranger Things!

Now, a man with common sense can only laugh at this madness. If you must know, the show’s creators, “Duffer Brothers” are famous for setting the nostalgic 80s theme. In this case, the conspiracy theory seems vague as Dahmer graduated high school in 1978, which is six years before the fictional events occurred in the show.

The idea of a “Stranger Things” Dahmer-ganger might seem far-fetched however the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, are known to pepper the show with nostalgic 80s easter eggs. However, in this case, the reference appears unlikely as Dahmer graduated high school in 1978, six years before the fictional events of the show.

However, the glasses and the attire were common back in the 80s and you won’t be surprised to see many kids in similar attires. Well, in reality, people are just tripping after watching “Monster”, which broke quite a few records and stands in the no. 1 position in more than 60 countries (BBC). Netflix’s limited series has been watched 196.2 million hours in its first week.

Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal” was arrested in 1991 after 13 years of terror, during which he sexually abused, murdered and dismembered 17 innocent men and boys. Here is a detailed timeline of his victims.

Before his arrest, investigators found a total of seven skulls (painted and bleached), two human hearts, a portion of arm muscles, an entire torso, and several human organs which he preserved meticulously by using his experience as a medical specialist.

During Jeffrey’s sanity trial, police recorded over 60 hours of audio wherein Jeffrey described how he ate his victims. He was heard saying: Once I fried the biceps of a man in oil, I used a meat tenderizer and ate the muscle because it was big and I wanted to try it,” Jeffrey added that it tasted like beef. Jeffrey was killed by his fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, after serving only two years in prison.

As for “Monster”, fans who are expecting a Season 2, must remain aware that the series is a “limited series” and has covered all aspected of this nerve-shaking case. While the series gained immense fame, it has been condemned by the families of Jeffrey’s victims.

Rita Isbell, who is the sister of Jeffrey Dahmer’s 11th victim, Errol Lindsey, has come forward and called Netflix “greedy”. She even revealed that she doesn’t have to watch the show because she has actually lived all of it. What do you think about this weird Jeffrey Dahmer theory about “Stranger Things”? Well, isn’t everyone tripping too much?

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