The FIFA World Cup kicked off in Russia last weekend and Coca-Cola has caught FIFA fever. A celebration of soccer and culture, the international beverage brand brought together Pakistani pop star Quratulain Balouch and American singer Jason Derulo for this year’s Coca-Cola FIFA anthem. This collaboration is the first of its kind. Derulo sings of celebrating and being proud of your country’s colors in English while Balouch adds Urdu lyrics expressing unity and love.

The video features its lead artists dancing with joy, children in the streets showing off their soccer skills, multicultural dancers, and flags from countries all over the world. Pakistan’s woman’s soccer captain, Hajra Khan and soccer team captain Kaleemullah Khan also make an appearance in the video. The music video was shot internationally with sets in Miami, Haiti, and Karachi. Full of energy and color, the music video marks Pakistan as a soccer-loving nation.

Derulo’s collaboration with Balouch isn’t the only remake of his anthem. Derulo and Coca-Cola have teamed up with artists from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and even home of this year’s World Cup, Russia to recreate the magic. Derulo invited them all to his home-studio to re-record the songs.

“I wrote this song, ‘Colors,’ and to watch it change and morph with different cultures, languages and creative energies is really crazy to watch,” said Derulo on the Coca-Cola website. “Everyone’s way of working is different than mine, so the feel of the song is different when others jump on it. It’s a creative explosion–and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Music has always been an important component of our FIFA World Cup campaigns in the past, and this time Jason hit it out of the park with the song. He created a track that was easy to understand and has a powerful message. It is great to see countries from every region using the song and making it their own,” said Coca-Cola’s director of global football marketing, Brad Ross on the Coca-Cola website. “The song becomes more authentic and more credible when local artists are involved, and you see that a country is proud of its local artists being put on a platform with Jason and the FIFA World Cup. It’s pretty awesome to see.”


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