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Jason Derulo Fight: What Actually Happened at Las Vegas Club?

Incidents that occur in Las Vegas do not necessarily remain in Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard of Jason Derulo. He’s a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Jason Derulo is also one of the most-followed people on social media. And his songs are so famous.

Jason went through a challenging time in 2021 when he separated from his girlfriend. Derulo and his girlfriend Jena Frumes had a son in May 2021, and the couple eventually separated in September 2021. Other than that, another incident happened.

Jason is well-known, and he recently got into a brawl with two men in a casino in Las Vegas, where things got so out of hand that the cops were called in.

If you’ve been hearing about this incident and want to know what happened, it wasn’t good. Jason Derulo’s fight made headlines today. And here’s everything you wanted to know about the incident.

Jason Derulo Got Into A Fight With Two Men

As you are all aware, Jason Derulo got into a fight with two men and was even recorded by several witnesses. The real question is why he got into an altercation in the first instance.

Eyewitnesses say Derulo and one of the men were passing one other on an escalator. The men began to mock Jason. “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!” the men exclaimed. And Jason couldn’t take it, so he got into an altercation with that man, punching him right in the face.

Not only that, but Jason allegedly slapped the second person shortly later, prompting security to intervene to break up the fight. It was also reported that Jason was asked to leave the casino.

Have you seen the video yet? No? Okay, watch it below.

Law Enforcements Was Involved

Following the incident, law enforcement was also called to Jason’s hotel early in the morning. The LVMP said in a statement that “the altercation started when the suspect, identified as Jason Derulo, committed a battery against two individuals.”

The victims also claimed that they did not wish to press charges in this matter, according to the officials. As a result of the incident, neither of the victims nor Jason were arrested. Jason was also told not to leave the hotel room right away.

Even though this all happened, it was a mess. However, Jason is still required to make a statement about the incident. He hasn’t said anything about it yet. But we will keep you up-to-date.

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