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Jamie Lee Curtis Says ‘Nepo Baby’ Conversation Was Intended To Hurt

In the wake of all the talk about nepotism and babies, Jamie Lee Curtis has weighed in on what she thinks about the matter.

The actress, 64, who starred in Everything Everywhere All at Once, is remembered on Friday for posting two throwback photos with her famous actor parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Her Post Was In Response To A New York Magazine Cover Story This Week

There has been a recent flurry of throwback photos linking Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, to her famous parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. The actress starred in Everything Everywhere All At Once. An article in New York magazine covering this week’s phenomenon sparked a conversation about the Nepo Baby phenomenon, which led to her identifying herself as an OG Nepo Baby.

“I have been a professional actress since I was 19 years old, so that makes me an OG Nepo Baby,” wrote Curtis in the caption to her Instagram post. “I’ve never understood, nor will I, what qualities got me hired that day, but since my first two lines on Quincy as a contract player at Universal Studios to this last spectacular creative year some 44 years later, there’s not a day in my professional life that goes by without my being reminded that I am the daughter of movie stars.”

“The current conversation about nepo babies is just designed to try to diminish and denigrate and hurt,” the actress further stated. “For the record, I have navigated 44 years with the advantages my associated and reflected fame brought me, I don’t pretend there aren’t any that try to tell me that I have no value on my own.”

Earlier in the article, Curtis called the notion that people assume that nepotism babies automatically won’t be talented people in their own right as a result of nepotism curious. “There are many of us. Dedicated to our craft. Proud of our lineage,” Curtis wrote in a letter to another family member who is also famous in the entertainment industry, the Curtis family.

In the last line of the post, the star of Halloween Ends asked her fans to be kind to one another rather than focusing on negativity in these difficult times when there is so much rage in the world.

There Has Been Recent Publicity Surrounding Jamie Lee Curtis’ Recent Quote About Being A ‘Nepo Baby’

The topic of nepotism has been the focus of a great deal of conversation over the past few days. As the world knows, New York Magazine has just published their latest cover story on the children of stars, otherwise known as nepo babies, which was released on December 19th. There’s no doubt that the cover of the book, featuring the faces of A-list celebs pasted onto the bodies of babies, has been getting a lot of attention and has become a hot topic of discussion on the Internet.

In recent years, many fans have criticized some celebs who claim that their status as a child of famous parents hasn’t helped them in the real world. During this talk, Jamie Lee Curtis’ quote from 2019 regarding being a child of nepotism has become a viral hit.

As reported in the New Yorker, when she spoke with the magazine in 2019, she was asked how she became Laurie on 1978’s Halloween, which sparked the world’s fascination with Michael Myers.

Jamie responded, “I auditioned many, many, many times. And then it was between me and one other woman, whose name I know but I will never say publicly. I’m sure the fact that I was Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis’s daughter and that my mother had been in ‘Psycho’—if you’re going to choose between this one and this one, choose the one whose mother was in ‘Psycho,’ because it will get some press for you. I’m never going to pretend that I just got that on my own like I’m just a little girl from nowhere getting it. Clearly, I had a leg up.” Her fans have praised Jamie Lee for being so refreshingly honest with her thoughts on this movie.

What Is A Nepo Baby?

This is one of the reasons why nepotism has resulted in many successful actors, musicians, comedians, and other types of people with successful and famous parents or relatives. In general, they are doing a great job capitalizing on what they have been dealt with and making the most of it.

In the entertainment industry, success is more about connections than most of us know. There has been a lot of talk about no babies this week and just how many there are in the world, as reported by Vulture earlier this week. It was the story that made the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine.

With no baby mania taking off on Twitter, many users are putting their spin on the trend with their nepo baby charts and reactions to it. The following are a few of the best ones that I have found.

There have been a lot of talks lately about nepo babies, so I am curious to hear your opinion on the topic. So let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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