Jagmeet Singh, a Sikh lawyer from Toronto, broke barriers when he became not only the first Indo-Canadian, but also the first nonwhite leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. Singh beat his opposing candidates Charlie Angus, Niki Ashton, and Guy Caron when he secured 53.6 percent of the votes. After his win, Singh announced his official campaign to run for the Prime Minister of Canada.

Despite not having a political background, Singh’s win is considered to be groundbreaking. In his acceptance speech, Singh promised to continue to support the party’s traditional goals of achieving income equality, affordable housing, and tackling climate change. He was vocal about making sure racial injustice is demolished, making sure police don’t stop Canadians just because of their skin color.

“We owe it to Canadians to form the government to make progress on these issues,” he continued.

The son of Indian immigrants, Singh, 38, became the first turban-wearing Sikh member of Ontario’s provincial legislature in 2011. He is the youngest leader to have won. His campaign received significant endorsements from Ontario and British Columbia NDP. British Columbia has one of the largest Sikh communities in Canada. He also thanked all his former leaders of the NDP in his speech.

However, Singh’s win is not just an incredible victory for Sikhs but for all minorities across the country. It has been a long time coming. His fresh ideology and perspectives mixed with cultural experiences opens up new avenues for the Canadian government and NDP.

The rest of the world is as excited to celebrate Singh as we are!


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