When 12-year-old Kulsum Banoo Batt first wrote a class assignment about J.K. Rowling she probably had no idea that the author herself would one day read and respond to it.

“I am not inspired by J.K. Rowling only because she writes well but also because she faced many difficulties but never gave up,” wrote Kulsum in the piece. She added that she hoped to meet the author of “Harry Potter” series one day.

One of her teachers at the Haji Public School in Jammu and Kashmir shared an excerpt of the essay on Twitter and the tweet quickly went viral. “Dear J.K. Rowling, Kulsum, 12, a first generation English learner from the Himalayas would like to meet you one day,” wrote principal Sabbah Haji Baji in a tweet to the author.

Rowling quickly responded and asked for Kulsum’s contact information. “I’d love to send her something,” she tweeted.

That ‘something’ arrived at the Doda school on June 23, which happened to be the last day of school. Rowling’s package included a personalized note to Kulsum, several books and other Harry Potter memorabilia.

I’m so happy it got there! I was getting worried,” Rowling replied. Baji is also trying to make the most of her school’s viral moment. Her Twitter account’s pinned tweet currently includes links to ways educators can volunteer at the school and the school’s current Amazon wishlist.


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