Ivanka Trump’s Hyderabad Takeover

November 28, 2020 Nila Choudhury     KissMeImNila

Ivanka Trump led the opening speeches at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad, India. The theme of the annual summit this year was “women first, prosperity for all.” As a successful businesswoman in her own right, Trump was a fitting choice as the headliner for the event. Though trite at times, she hit the mark in her opening speech by making it personal to the summit attendees. She mentions Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tea stall from his childhood, acknowledges some of Hyderabad’s homegrown heroes, praises the great “City of Pearls” that is the technological hub of India and inspires and empowers female entrepreneurs.

More amiable than her father, Trump’s visit is a way to encourage the people of India to trust in the U.S. government as their views of President Trump have been tainted by his approach to immigration and trade. Some of the 400 attendees of the three-day summit were hoping to hear more from the first daughter, especially in regards to the position of the U.S. government in relation to the Indian entrepreneurial world. As a representative of her father’s administration, many attendees hoped to learn more about the future of India and U.S. relations when it comes to business and technology.

Will there be any initiatives to assist Indian entrepreneurs financially, technologically or through mentorships? What is President Trump’s administration’s position on Indian startups? What are the administration’s goals to expand their relationship? These and many more questions were left unanswered by Ivanka’s generic speech. Her speech was actually very similar to the one she gave in Tokyo, Japan, for the World Assembly for Women.  Her message at both events encouraged women entrepreneurs to rise and fight for equality.

“I encourage everyone here to come together, learn from each other and find new ways to lift barriers in our society,” Ivanka said at the opening speech, “so that women are free to innovate, empowered to succeed and able to leave our children a brighter future.”

After the event’s opening, Modi will be hosting a dinner at the Falaknuma Palace Hotel for Trump. There have also been reports that Trump would meet with other local and national officials and possibly do some sightseeing at local bazaars and historical sites.

The city even cleaned up for the first daughter and senior White House Adviser. They cleared trash, fixed roads, decorated tunnels, bridges, and trees with lights, and, get this, beggars were rounded up and cleared from the sidewalks. Large billboards were plastered with images of Ivanka Trump. Tuesday was even declared a public holiday by the local government.

Trump is a household name in America, the average citizens of Hyderabad probably had no clue who she was until her poster was plastered all over the city, but hey, at least they got a holiday out of it.

Nila Choudhury

New York born and raised, Nila Choudhury (aka the encyclopedia of useless Bollywood knowledge) is avoiding rishta aunties by obtaining her doctoral degree in clinical psychology.