Once resigned to professionals alone, the tools and knowledge needed to properly execute interior design projects are now accessible with the advent of numerous new apps. You can, from the convenience of your phone, use these tools to simply upload images of your room and/or wall and manipulate everything from paint colors to art or furniture and other fixtures. Basically, these apps reduce buyer’s remorse or taking on home improvement projects and being slammed with a budget you didn’t think would be needed for proper execution. Sound too good to be true? Check out my top 5 favorite apps, many of which are free for Android and iOS owners (noted below).

1. Houzz

It only makes sense to start off our list with Houzz with features that’ll give any design buff, both amateurs and seasoned professionals alike, an instant hard-on with its millions and millions of images organized by rooms and styles. You can use this app to help your own home improvement endeavors or to be connected to your local professional consultants. You can also use the app to buy products to enhance your home. Basically, it’s a one stop app for all your design needs.

This app is free for Android and iOS. 

2. ColorSnap

This app is brought to you by Sherwin-Williams. It allows you to see a color on your walls before you commit to buying it with their ColorSnap Visualizer. You can drag and drop a color to see it on your walls. There are also inspiration photos and sample photos you can use to try different paint colors. What I really love about this app though is its ability to help you find a paint that matches any random color you like. For instance, have you ever liked a color of something found in nature or in your own wardrobe and think it would look cool as a paint color on your wall? Take a picture of it and boom! The app can match colors in any image to Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

This app is free for Android and iOS. 

3. Zillow Digs

[Screenshot via Zillow Digs]

Ever watched one of those DIY home decor/remodeling shows thinking you can do take on the same project at home without any realistic expectation for how much to budget for said endeavor? Enter Zillow Digs. It is an useful app to have if you’re looking to get learn about estimated budgets for your home projects.  You can search images of rooms by design, style, cost, and project. With this cost information at your fingertips, you can then match up your home improvement, design, and remodeling aspirations with real world price points leaving you out of dark for how much to budget or what project you can realistically take on.

This app is free for iOS. 

4. Homestyler Interior Design

[Screenshot via Homestyler Interior Design]

Gain an even better understanding of your room’s design with this app. Its 3-D capabilities allow you to see room arrangements in that format. You’ll be able to better see how objects in the room take up space and work with each other. Additionally, you can add in elements like hanging lighting fixtures and rugs. So before you even drop a pretty penny, you can see how particular decor items and furniture look in your space before purchasing them.

This app is free for Android and iOS. 

 5. Curate


You are able to see how a piece of artwork will look on your wall with this app. It’s scaled such so that sizes are shown correctly, and you can see if something is too large or small for your room. This is a great way to decide between options and play around with scale. This app also gives your access to artwork and galleries so you can really play around with how your desired piece of art will look on your wall.

This app is free for Android and iOS. 


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