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‘I Just A Baby’ Viral Video Deleted; Account Disabled By TikTok

This New TikTok Audio Is Sweeping The Internet.

Tiktok is the web’s fastest-growing social media platform, and the app has become ingrained in the lives of Gen Z.

The platform has turned into a marketplace for brief snippets of audio that users can upload for others to utilize in their own videos as it has grown.

While mainstream music has a stronghold on the app, other noises from pop culture and others have become earworms as well.

Recently, a Tiktok video titled “I just a baby” has piqued the interest of various Tiktok users. And who is remaking the video with their pets or partners using the audio?

So, what exactly is in the video? You surely figured from the title that the video is about a baby, right? Now that you’ve had enough of guessing, we’ll tell you.

What’s In The “I Just A Baby” Video?

In the video, the user little.blooming.women. is talking to her child, telling her that “if mommy tells you to stop, you say okay,” and the baby responds with a cute manner “I’m just a baby” which will melt your heart.

The mother says it again, and the baby reacts with a little aggression, saying, “I just a baby.” The video had received over 44 million views and many recreations of it.

“I Just A Baby” Tiktok Original Creator Account Banned

Little.blooming.women, the original originator of the video, uploaded a video to her second account, little.blooming.women2, in the middle of March.

She notified her followers in that video that her main account had been banned and she had no idea why.

She asked her followers to help her reclaim her account back if they enjoyed the content she was posting.

This is what she said, “You may not recognize me but my name is Jordan and I am the creator of the viral video ‘Just a baby’ and mother to that furious little toddler, Cosette, whose voice you have been hearing over the past couple of weeks,” the Tiktoker says in the video.

She continues to explain how her TikTok account was banned. “I recently tried to log into my account and was notified that TikTok had permanently banned my account without any warning or explanation.”

Jordan, her real name, also included the hashtag #bringcosyback, which she hopes to make a trend in order to increase awareness of her petition.

Even when multiple followers tagged Tiktok in the comments area and requested them for her account to get reclaimed again, her account has still not returned.

The status of the content creator’s permanent ban is still unknown, but fans are getting curious to know as the sound keeps growing around TikTok.

The Tiktoker Posted The “I Just A Baby” Video On Her Instagram

The mother posted the Tiktok on her Instagram after the platform banned her permanent Tiktok account to make others laugh.

She captioned the video as: “We’ll just leave it here for anyone who needs a good laugh since @tiktok deleted my account.” 

If you haven’t watched the video, check it out below.

Individuals are giving their love and hoping for Jordan’s account to get back soon in the comments section.

As several Instagram users said in the video’s comments area, expressing their support and asked her the reason for this incident.

One user wrote: “Why did they delete it!?” Jordan replied: “I had no idea! They didn’t give me an explanation.”

Another one wrote: “Apparently Tiktok is having issues today..hope your account is recovered soon!”

While some others are appreciating the cute video.

One user wrote: “I’m so glad you posted it! I went to watch it for the 4000th and she was gone! She’s such a mood!”

Another cute comment was: “My son is 2 and obsessed. Since we found the video he asks every night for “baby” and that means this video now when I couldn’t find you on Tiktok had to rush to Insta so he didn’t yell at me. Same sass!”

What do you think would be the issue? Did Tiktok find any of her content inappropriate? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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