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How to Watch Melon Music Awards 2021?

Stay with us to find everything about MMA 2021 and especially about How to watch Melon Music Awards 2021 online.

Melon Music Awards, MMA 2021, for the second time in a row will be held online. People from all over the world can catch the glimpse of the live telecast.

The Boys, STAYC, TOMORROW x TOGETHER, Enhypen, etc are some of the popular K-Pop names and performances that the 13th annual event will come wrapped up with. Moreover, there are more happening performances that the night will bring along.

melon music awards 2021

Peru, Brazil, the US, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, India, Indonesia, the UK, Indonesia, Canada, and Singapore residing citizens can enjoy the pleasure of watching the event live on Saturday.

Guess what?

Every detail related to the Melon Music Awards 2021, MMA 2021, is out now. In addition to the above-mentioned K-pop artists, you will also catch a glimpse of IU, Lee Mujin, IU, and Lim Young Woong.

When & Where is MeloN Music Awards 2021 Happening?

On December 4th, 2021, right at 6 PM KST i.e. 2:30 PM IST/4 AM EST (Friday), the Melon Music Awards 2021 will commence.

Before the event hits off, ”MMA The Record” will go on for an hour before that.

Lee Yong Jin and Park Sun Young will be the hosts of the night. They will be the ones in-charge of announcing many awards from various categories. They include, Top 10 Awards, preview many specific performances, and winners from other additional categories.

How To Watch Melon Music Awards 2021 Online?

As far as watching the show “live” is concerned, you can watch it online, on Kakao TV, Melon’s official website and applicationand the 11thK YT channel. All the channels will be streaming the show online.

Here is a glimpse.

Nominations of Melon 2021!

Here comes the full list of nominations. In less than a day, we will have the name of the winners.

Album of the Year

  • NCT DREAM for Hot Sauce
  • Baek Yerin for tellusboutyourself
  • Oh My Girl for Dear OHMYGIRL
  • Brave Girls for Summer Queen
  • Heize for HAPPEN
  • BTS for BE
  • IU for LILAC
  • Red Velvet member Joy for Hello
  • SHINee for Don’t Call Me

Best Male Group

  • BTS
  • Homies
  • SHINee

Best Female Group

  • aespa
  • Brave Girls
  • Oh My Girl

Best Song of the Year

  • aespa for Next Level
  • BTS for Butter
  • Heize for HAPPEN
  • IU for Celebrity
  • KyoungSeo for Shiny Star (2020)
  • Lee Mujin for Traffic Light
  • Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, and MUSHVENOM for VVS (feat. JUSTHIS) (prod. GroovyRoom)
  • Oh My Girl for Dun Dun Dance
  • BLACKPINK member Rosé for On The Ground
  • Song I Han for I Will Be Your Shining Star

Netizen Popularity Award

  • aespa
  • Red Velvet
  • Brave Girls
  • (G)I-DLE
  • IU
  • Oh My Girl
  • Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon
  • BLACKPINK member Rosé
  • BTS
  • Highlight singer Yang Yoseob and Apink member Jung Eun Ji

MMA 2020

Best Male Solo Artist

  • 10cm
  • Im Young Woong
  • Lee Mujin
  • lIlBOI

Best Female Solo Artist

  • Heize
  • IU
  • BLACKPINK member Rosé
  • KyoungSeo
  • Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon

With just a day to go, are you waiting for the premiere of the Melon Music Awards 2021?

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