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How to Get Giordano Filter on TikTok and Instagram? Trend Explained

The Giordano filter is the latest trend on TikTok and Instagram that users are enjoying too much. They are using it to prank their friends, parents, or loved ones to create hilarious videos. Find out how to get and use the Giordano filter on Instagram and TikTok easily.

Thousands of people have already tried the trend as videos created with the filter are amassing millions of views. You too can join it simply by using the filter in your videos and get the possibility of going viral.

Social media trends revolving around filters are very common on TikTok and Instagram. Previously, we have seen trends like the sad face or rotoscope filter. The latest one is a bit different but an equally awesome one to try.

What is the Giordano Filter?

The Giordano filter that’s rapidly going viral on TikTok and Instagram is a visual effect of an old man with one eye closed and wearing a blue hoodie. When you use it, Giordano (the man in the filter) will appear behind whoever is in the camera frame. It’ll seem that he’s creeping up on the person.

Hence, people are using the filter to prank people into making them believe that there’s someone behind them. This makes the person react in a hilarious manner while some people also get scared by the old man.

The filter has now turned into a trend as it’s among the top trends of recent days. Social media users are using the filter to create amazing videos that are absolutely laugh-worthy.

Origin of the Giordano Filter Explored

The Giordano filter was created by TikTok user Luca Bellei (@lucabellei27) who is allegedly the son of the man in the filter. The name of the man is Giordano. Luca posted a video showing the filter for the first time on June 15, 2022. He collaborated with @aida.creator, an Italian content creator, for the trend.

The video garnered over 5,000 likes at the time of posting and the Giordano filter has been used in over 300,000 TikTok videos and thousands of Reels since then. British TikTok user @georgehalsey8 is reportedly the first person to use it.

How to Get the Giordano Filter on TikTok?

The Giordano filter is one of the most used frames on TikTok right now. You can also get and use it in your short videos. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Launch the TikTok app and tap on the “+” icon.
  • Now tap on the “Effects” option present at the top.
  • Go to the search bar and type “Giordano” in it.
  • The Giordano filter will appear on top of the results.
  • Use it and record your video.
  • Finally, do the necessary edits and post the video.

That’s it. Remember to use a witty caption and suitable hashtags in your TikTok video.

How to Get the Giordano Filter to Create Instagram Reels?

You can also use the Giordano filter on Instagram to make fun Reels. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Launch the Instagram app and make sure you are using the latest version.
  • Now create a new Story or Reel.
  • Next, scroll to the end of the available filters and tap on the search button.
  • Type “Giordano” in the search bar.
  • From the search results, scroll down and select the Giardano filter created by @michael_lurz_xr.
  • Use this filter to capture what you’d like to post.
  • Finally, publish it.

That’s it. Instagram also has thousands of posts revolving around this trend now. Many users are simply sharing their TikTok videos created using the filter on Instagram as well.

Now Record Hilarious Pranks Using the Giordano Filter

You have now learned what the Giordano filter is and how you can get it on Instagram and TikTok. The next step is to pour in your creativity and do an intelligent prank on someone. Make sure you record their hilarious reactions.

You can also prank multiple people and combine the clips together to make the video even more interesting. After that, you can share your creations on social media platforms and hope they are chosen to be on the “For You” or “Explore” pages.

Have you tried this witty filter yet? Feel free to share some ideas about using it or tips to make fun videos around it.

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