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How to do ‘Euphoria Eye’ Viral Tiktok Trend + Tips

Short-form video platform TikTok is well known for having viral trends, inspired by anything, be it a movie, song, dance moves, or TV show.
Just when TikTok users were looking for something new to try. Various trends inspired by HBO hit series Euphoria, which is popular for its stunning visuals, are out using iconic songs from the show, eye filters, recreating makeup looks, and more.
If you’re also interested in trying the latest viral “Euphoria Eye TikTok” trend, scroll down to continue reading.

This trend is particularly hit among the blue- and green-eyed people to flex their color. In this trend, the TikTok users film their eyes, transitioning generally from their selfie camera with no filters to their back one with low exposure and flash.

TikTokers find it quite amusing and challenging to get it right on a single attempt. However, it doesn’t add much value for brown-eyed people. But it shouldn’t stop you from trying it before even seeing any result. (Here’s a brown one for reference)

This trend honestly kind of reminds us of early Tumblr days, as blue-and green-eye photography has always been dominant on social media platform. So, far more than 500k users have uploaded their eye transition videos to remix version of Bea Miller’s ‘Feel Something’ and Labrinth’s ‘Still Don’t Know My Name.’

People are totally showing off their dazzling irises, specially those with light-colored eyes. TikTok users are garnering millions of likes and views on their short video for their stunning results. After getting praises from users some of the creators also shared that they fall in love with their own eyes and how charismatic it is.

Here are the steps to do Euphoria eye trend on TikTok

There are a few steps involved in this trend, but the results are totally worth it. And who knows you might even turn into a new viral TikTok star after this trend.

  1. First and foremost get a TikTok application. Open it and find any video that’s participating in this Euphoria Eye Trend or simply search for ‘Euphoria eye trend’ in the Discovery tab.
  2. Select that video and click on the ‘Still don’t my name’ (or other if you don’t like this one) audio scrolling at the bottom of the video.
  3. Click on ‘Use this sound’ button. The Euphoria filter will be automatically added in the video.
  4. But we need to make two parts of this trend, one with and other without the ‘Euphoria eye’ filter. Turn off the filter for the first part by double-tapping on the ‘Effect tab’ in the bottom left corner.
  5. Now zoom in on one of your eye with the selfie camera as the song comes to play. Close your eye on the exact moment the word ‘again’ is heard and stop filming. (Practice few times to get it right.)
  6. Now it’s time to ‘Euphoria eye’ filter comes to play. Go into the ‘Effect tab’ again and click to turn on the filter.
  7. Switch to back camera by using ‘Flip’ button on top right of video and point the camera at your other eye.
  8. Then start filming with your eyes still closed and open your eye when music start playing. Then press the pink tick to watch your video.

Some tips for better results

  1. Sit in front of lamp or point it towards your eyes to make your eyes stand out. (Avoid doing it for a long time. It can cause eye damage. Be careful!)
  2. Set timer to get smoother and quality transition.
  3. Face a mirror so you can have a clear idea of how you doing things.
  4. Use one eye without filter and other with filter, this helps video to match with one another and looks better.
  5. It’s alright if you can’t do it one go. Try it few times and watch others videos, so you can get hang of it.

PS: If you try it out, share your experience in the comments below.



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