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Here’s All About Matt Walsh As The Anti-LGBT Activist’s Twitter Gets Highjacked

Matt Walsh is undoubtedly the most notorious right-winger out there. Often termed an “online troll”, Walsh has continued to come under fire for his beliefs and claims, such as describing himself as a “theocratic fascist”, calling anime “satanic” and pushing for state executions of doctors, who support gender-affirming care.

Recently, the staunch right-winger faced some turbulence after his Twitter was hijacked by someone who was just “bored”. The concerned hacker claims to have compromised Walsh’s account, just to stir up some controversy and show chaos. So who is Matt Walsh and who is the “bored” hacker, who gave him a bad time? Here’s all about it.

Matt Walsh: The Notorious Right-Winger

Commentators like Joe Rogan and Matt Walsh, and YouTuber Andrew Tate share a common ground. The two continue to remain in limelight, of course for all the wrong reasons. Matt Walsh, who is a right-wing political commentator and author, is widely known for his podcast, “The Matt Walsh Show” and is a columnist for “The Daily Wire”.

Walsh has also written four books and also starred in  The Daily Wire’s Transphobic documentary, “What Is a Woman?”. Often termed an “online troll” by critics, Walsh is known for encouraging hatred against the LGBT community, especially the transgenders.

When asked about speaking a few words about him, Walsh has proudly described himself as a “theocratic fascist”, a person who believes anime is “satanic”, and someone who’d push for state executions of doctors who provide minors with gender-affirming care. And well, he didn’t get a hiccup as he declared all of the above.

He previously referred to trans people as groomers, but his most recent controversy includes his statement, wherein he referred to 16-year-old girls as being the “most fertile”.  Recently, Walsh’s Twitter was hijacked by someone, who likes to call himself Dommed, who claims to have hacked his platform just to stir up some controversy.

Who Hijacked Matt Walsh’s Twitter?

The hacker, who hasn’t revealed his identity, compromised Matt Wash’s Twitter sometime on Tuesday (April 18). Even though he didn’t reveal his real name, he referred to himself as Dommed. The reason was plain and simple, the hacker was just bored.

He revealed that he meant no harm, and the purpose of hijacking was just to create some chaos, of course for Walsh. After hijacking Walsh’s account, the hacker rocketed a series of tweets, which also included jabs at other conservatives like Daily Wire host, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Tate, and commentator Joe Rogan.

In one tweet, he wrote: “You Know What You Did, You Are A Closeted Homosexual And Hide Behind Being Jewish.” Other tweets read, “Joe Rogan Is A Pedophile,” and “I Can Confirm Andrew Tate Kidnapped And R*ped Those Girls,” referencing the misogynist’s recent arrest in Romania following human trafficking allegations. 

Doomed, who declined to reveal his real name, said, “The intent was to make funny tweets, as Matt Walsh likes to ‘trigger’ people. We caused no financial harm, threatened anyone, [nor] ruined anything.” It was merely, he says, “a few silly words on social media.” Walsh’s profile included a pinned tweet, “My Pronouns Are That/N***a, which was suspended a few hours after these hacks began. 

Is Twitter Secure Under Elon Musk’s Command?


While we all sort of hate Matt Walsh, it certainly raises concerns about how secure our social media profiles are amid big claims made by their owners. If you aren’t aware, the damage suffered by Matt Walsh was bigger than he expected. In addition to his Twitter, Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts were also compromised.

This grants Dommed full access to Walsh’s private remains. Dommed took no time to make public some of the most controversial emails exchanged between Walsh and like-minded folks. Dommed claims that he used a SIM-swapping technique to hack Walsh’s Twitter.

In February, the Elon-Musk-owned social media platform released a statement that it would “no longer offer SMS authentication to people who don’t subscribe to its Blue service. This move was called nonsensical by several security experts. Doomed, on the other hand, attacked Twitter by saying, “SMS is dogshit for security.”

Doomed added, “I noticed he panicked and removed his iCloud and stuff. I literally only wanted his Twitter account to make stupid tweets. And it worked, both sides are arguing over it.” Walsh remains unreachable for comments. Well, the guy is certainly panicking.

While Doomed hasn’t revealed his identity, it appears as if this hack comes from someone from the transgender community who wanted to make a point. Even though the step calls for legal action, this hack same puts a lot of questions on Twitter’s security regime.


Since Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter’s credibility has continued to remain under the radar. Out of the many controversial changes proposed by the world’s richest man, one such policy of “Twitter Blue” has led to many fake accounts seizing on the chaos.

Other celebrities, who may not have been victims of hijacking, definitely fell victim to fake accounts. For instance, a fake account impersonating LeBron James previously announced that the basketball star was requesting a trade away from the Lakers.

Other victims include athletes like Connor McDavid and Aroldis Chapman. There is another fake Nintendo of America account (with a blue tick), depicting the image of Mario showing his middle finger.

Just in case the hacker forgot, both state and federal laws are in place to protect the privacy of both email and social media. Hacking of either of these types of accounts is an illegal action by the perpetrator. Elon Musk has not yet commented on the matter. This story is developing…

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