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Here is Why ‘Uninstall Hotstar’ was Trending on Twitter

Digital streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar seems to be surrounded by controversies following the release of the much-anticipated web show – The Empire.

Even before the show raised its curtains on the streaming platform today, it has landed in trouble with fans trending #UninstallHotstar on social media.

Read on to know what infuriated the fans that made them trend #UninstallHotstar.

After the trailer of the Hotstar series ‘The Empire’ got released on the Internet, fans who did not like it started raising their objection. The makers have been accused of glorifying the Islamic invader Babur.

‘Uninstall Hotstar’ was trending on Twitter; Fans express their disappointment over the series, ‘The Empire’

However, Hotstar did not address the grievance complaints against the show as expected by users and rather rejected them which enraged the fans leading to the trend ‘UninstallHotstar’.

The Hotstar series ‘The Empire’ is an epic period drama which is an adaptation of Alex Rutherford’s novel – ‘Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North’. The series produced by Nikkhil Advani depicts the journey of an empire from the Ferghana valley to Samarkhand valley and more.

The Empire is packed with a bunch of powerful star cast which include Shabana Azmi, Drashti Dhami, Dino Morea, Kunal Kapoor, Aditya Seal, Sahher Bambba, Rahul Dev, among others.

Kunal Kapoor while sharing his views on playing the character of an emperor in the series, said, “We have heard many stories about Babur and the Mughals, but very little about who they were, where they came from and how they came into India. In this fictional take, this is a character with a lot of complexities, and that is what intrigued me as an actor.”

The official synopsis of the show reads, “An assassination attempt on the king that further deepens the worries about the vulnerability of Ferghana. The young king must now take responsibility for an entire kingdom.”

Twitterati who felt that their sentiments are hurt are requesting everyone on Twitter to uninstall Hotstar by trending ‘UninstallHotstar’.

One Twitter user while reacting to the Hotstar series, tweeted, “Those invaders who destroyed and looted India, killed Hindus, converted them in the name of their intolerant Jihad are being glorified in 2021? Is this what we are doing? Shame on you producers, writers, actors, etc.”

Here is what another Twitter user tweeted, “Hotstar rejects grievance complaints against their series on Babur, claims they are not glorifying the Islamic invader. I have uninstalled, Have you??”

One more tweet reads, “#UninstallHotstar Now it’s Loud and Clear message to hotstar Netflix and movie sponsors if you will promote to Bollywood mafiya and Nepotism Franchises, we will not support you we will boycott you . #UninstallHotstar”

Her is one more tweet from a disappointed user which reads, “#BanTheEmpireSeries We demand @DisneyPlusHS to apologise publicly for this shameful act. @MIB_India should take care of such misleadings. @ianuragthakur #UninstallHotstar”

Another tweet reads, “Babur wanted to kill every Hindus & Sikhs. He destroyed Ram Mandir & built Babri Masjid on it. This type of wrong information is being spread by the “The Empire’ series in the Hotstar app. this app is indirectly supporting Mughals. We should be united And support UninstallHotstar.”

One more user tweets by writing, “Uninstalled Hotstar @DisneyPlusHS today .. despite having Premium account ..never to install again. Any platform which glorifies barbaric invaders who murdered, looted, raped millions of Bharatiyas should receive the same fate. #UninstallHotstar”

By any chance, are you also part of this trend ‘UninstallHotstar’? Let us know your opinions in our comments section below.

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