With July around the corner, we’re updating our reading lists with some of the new releases by South Asian authors that are set to come out this month. From poetry collections to thrillers, this month’s options are as different as they are readable.

“It All Falls Down” by Sheena Kamal

Kamal continues the story of the mysterious and troubled Nora Watts in “It All Falls Down,” which is a follow up to her award winning 2017 thriller “The Lost Ones.” After Nora has a disturbing conversation with a veteran about her long-dead father, she finally learns the secrets her family had tried to keep buried. Readers will find those secrets startlingly timely as they involve family separations and forced adoptions.

When we chatted recently with Kamal about her work and why she is drawn to crime fiction, her answer was simple. “I think crime allows me to examine the complexities of the human experience in a way that makes sense to me,” she said.

Grab your copy of “It All Falls Down” here.

“If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi” by Neel Patel

As soon as we saw the title for Patel’s upcoming short story collection, we knew that we had to check it out. Almost all of Patel’s characters in “If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi” are first-generation Indian immigrants and his prose loves to subvert the common stereotypes of Indians being quiet and passive. While Patel does hit the familiar themes of arranged marriage, gossipy communities, and sibling rivalries, his stories do so in a way that are both fresh and unexpected.

“If You See Me, Don’t Say Hi” will be released on July 10. You can pre-order it here.

“A Handful of Stars” by Ruby Dhal

Dhal, a poet, first gained widespread fan attention through her Instagram account, in which she’d share her deeply emotional and inspiring poetry. Dhal’s second collection of free verse poems, titled “A Handful of Stars” is set to be released on July 27. Fans of Rupi Kaur are likely to connect to Dhal’s verses about heartbreak, womanhood, family and healing.

Order your copy here.


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